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Amsterdam-based Siilo raises €9.5 million to help healthcare professionals collaborate across Europe

Today Siilo, the secure collaboration app for healthcare professionals, has raised an approx €9.5 million Series A funding round. The lead investor in the round is European digital health VC Heal Capital, backed by Germany’s private health insurers, in addition to Philips Health Technology Venture Fund and current investor EQT Ventures. With the fresh funds, Siilo will continue to expand its product offering, hire new talent, and increase network growth across Europe, specifically across DACH, BENELUX, and the UK and Ireland. 

Siilo was founded in 2016 by former surgery resident Joost Bruggeman (CEO) and Arvind Rao (CFO). Having experienced the fragmented healthcare system and outdated methods of communication – such as fax, pagers, and landlines – firsthand, Joost recognised the need for a secure, easy-to-use messaging app designed specifically for healthcare professionals. He and the Siilo team are on a mission to create a dedicated platform where every healthcare professional can be connected while also adhering to healthcare compliance regulations such as GDPR, ISO-27001, HIPAA, NHS standards, and more. The impact of connecting on one single platform can be measured in lives saved, quality of life improved, and healthcare costs reduced.

Joost Bruggeman, co-founder and CEO at Siilo said: “We believe there is a massive opportunity for healthcare to operate as a collaborative network. We started by connecting professionals treating individual patients, but during the acute phase of the pandemic, we’ve also been able to play a critical role in connecting different levels of healthcare to facilitate faster decision-making and information-sharing. With Siilo, frontline care workers, public health officials, and everyone in between are able to practice medicine together. We’re only just starting to uncover the different ways technology can facilitate collaboration and simplify workflows in healthcare, and we’re excited to increase our product offering and member network with the support of our newest investors, who bring a wealth of insights and experience around scaling innovative healthcare solutions.”

The Siilo Messenger app is free for individuals and teams to coordinate patient care, expand their professional network, and significantly reduce time-to-decision by exchanging best practices. Siilo Connect is the company’s subscription service for hospitals, care organisations, and medical associations where administrators can facilitate staff-wide collaboration on patient cases, discuss internal policies, and consult with external specialists, all while maintaining organisational compliance. 

Siilo is now the largest medical network in Europe with more than a quarter of a million healthcare professionals. Each month, more than 20 million messages are exchanged in more than 16,500 clinical chat groups or directly between users. Siilo Connect is used for secure departmental collaboration within renowned academic institutions such as Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam, Berlin-based Charité, and East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the Siilo team launched a free COVID-19 crisis management offering that enables Siilo members to:


  • broadcast time-sensitive updates to minimise risk of in-hospital transmission
  • create peer networks of national infectious disease and intensive care specialists to share real-time insights in the treatment of their COVID-19 patients, and;
  • establish regional networks to address available capacity, resource allocation, and dissemination of treatment protocols.

“Siilo’s making serious progress cracking one of the hardest nuts in healthcare: getting great tech into the hands of healthcare professionals. The product actually gets used and users become part of an active global network, bringing a higher quality of care to patients,” said Ashley Lundström from EQT Ventures.

“Philips aims to team up with and invest in promising start-up companies that can deliver novel approaches to addressing clinical needs. Digital technologies like Siilo can pave the way for secure, convenient exchanges of knowledge, and help drive the digital transformation in healthcare,” said Rich Wilmot, Head of Philips Health Technology Ventures.

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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