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London-based Teooh nabs €4 million to expand its avatar-based virtual gathering platform

Teooh, an avatar-based virtual gathering platform, has today announced new funding from Spark Capital and General Catalyst to accelerate platform growth and make its technology available to a broad set of business and consumer customers. The funds bring Teooh’s total seed fundraising to €4 million.

With many teams sticking with remote work post-COVID and finding existing online meeting platforms restrictive in terms of fostering a more human connection, Teeoh is well-placed to respond to demand. With Teeoh’s virtual reality meeting platform, anyone with a mobile device can open their own venue in just a few clicks – no VR headset required. 

Since launching in beta in April 2020, Teooh’s custom-built virtual venues have facilitated more than 4,000 virtual events, remote team meetings, personal gatherings, and more, for attendees ranging from major international businesses to intimate groups of family and friends. From April to May, the platform experienced 107% growth in events created, and  it’s still growing.

Teooh is placing significant emphasis on expanding venues across three categories: remote meetings, personal gatherings, and virtual events. In the next few weeks it will release additional venues for multi-sized gatherings featuring fireside chat formats, smaller meeting rooms, as well as classic virtual meeting features like screen sharing. Teooh will continue to broaden its roster of venues to support every aspect of bringing people together, both professionally and otherwise.

“Webinar platforms fail to deliver social experiences that foster genuine human connection, and ‘being in the right room at the right time’ is primarily why people attend events in the first place” said Jon Hibbins, co-founder and CTO of Teooh. “The need for building and maintaining community connection remotely has always been essential, and there’s an obvious demand for tools that do more than just livestream our faces. We’ve created a platform that puts us back in the room together so we can do what we do best and what we miss the most when we’re remote—connect with others and create communities.” 

“My partners and I are thrilled to invest in Teooh. All of us have experienced the fatigue of traditional video conferencing today and we believe that Teooh has the vision and product to deliver a much more compelling solution for community connection,” said Bijan Sabet, co-founder and General Partner at Spark Capital. “People are using social media and collaboration tools more than ever, but the current video ecosystem lacks the ability to let individuals sit down next to each other and truly connect. Real human connection happens in a shared environment, virtual or physical, and Teooh has created a safe, comfortable space where people can focus on growing genuine relationships. We’re pleased to work with Teooh as the company pursues this massive opportunity.”

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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