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Hamburg-based Bepro raises €8.8 million to expand its football tech platform

Today Hamburg-based Bepro, the next-generation sports analysis platform, has announced securing an additional €8.8 million in funding. The startup will use the funds from Altos Ventures, Softbank Ventures, Saehan Ventures, Springcamp and Miraeasset Ventures, to develop their football tech and expand internationally. 

The German startup, founded in 2015, made the journey from Korea to Europe, with the aim of changing football. The team’s next-generation football analysis tools are unlike anything currently out there. Using a fixed multi-camera set up, it records and tracks all players on the field, giving accurate match stats and insights into team performance. When looking back at the video analytics, each data point conveniently links up to the exact moment in the match, which can be played back for reference. Users can also edit clips according to their tactical perspective, and add in visual cues to explain to team members how to improve in certain moments (e.g. “defense line should be here”). 

The platform is made to support professional and semi-professional sides, helping them to find a competitive edge. As football matches are won on fine margins, teams can use the Bepro platform to share evidenced guidance with players, increase their on-field impact and aid their development. All this is done through a single offering that is not available elsewhere, eliminating the need to pay for multiple solutions and opening-up high-quality data and video for clubs who could not have accessed it previously.

So far the startup serves clubs at both first team and youth level in 10 global markets, including Europe’s top leagues like the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 2. In 2018, the startup nabbed a 7.9 million investment, making this their second round closed. 

The recent funding is particularly impressive given the ongoing difficulties faced by the sports industry resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic. Despite sport being on-hold, it demonstrates the strong belief the investors have in Bepro’s team, product and growth potential.

Following the announcement, Luis Kang, Bepro’s CEO, stated: “We are witnessing the start of a significant transformation in the sports industry, powered by new technology and an increased focus on analytics. This investment strengthens our position as the leaders of this change. It is great to receive this support despite the difficult situation with COVID-19. We are excited to continue to enhance our platform and provide our clients with even more value in these challenging times.”

Bepro will use this latest funding to continue to develop their platform and expand their presence in international markets, with a focus on European growth.

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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