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Berlin-based Elucidate raises €2.5 million to further develop its Financial Crime Index

Today Elucidate, the Berlin-based financial crime risk quantification agency, has announced closing a €2.5 million investment led by Silicon Valley-based 11.2 Capital. Other participants in the round include Seed X Liechtenstein, Apex Ventures, Big Start Ventures and SixThirty Ventures. The funding will enable Elucidate (2018) to further develop the company’s flagship product, the Elucidate FinCrime Index (EFI), and its ability to measure financial crime risk.

The EFI, built using probabilistic modelling and machine learning, uses data to score financial crime risk against an objective industry baseline. Unlike most financial crime offerings, which guide users to manually determine reactions to potential financial crime, the EFI uses data analysis to anticipate and prevent financial crime.

Filipe Garcia, co-founder and CTO at Elucidate, explains how the platform leverages cutting-edge technology to effectively manage risk: “We are in a unique position to be able to digitise an antiquated status quo. We apply methods that financial analyst John Moody could only have dreamed of when he started modelling risk a century ago. Applying deep learning in a dataset that is unparalleled in the industry allows us to see financial crime patterns that are not visible to the human eye. The repeatability of our algorithm allows us to set up a de facto financial crime risk baseline in the industry with speed and accuracy.“

Shane Riedel, co-founder and CEO at Elucidate, believes now is the right time to onboard investors: “Since launching in 2019, Elucidate has expanded data analytics coverage to over 2,500 financial institutions. The work of fully partnering with our users to enable them to move from basic risk detection to proactive risk prevention, however, requires ongoing investment in data analytics and machine learning capabilities. 11.2 Capital, as well as our other investors, bring both capital and expertise to this transformational objective.”

The investors of this round see maximum potential in Elucidate’s ambitions as part of a broader shift towards the application of deeptech in financial services. Shelley Zhuang, Founder and Managing Partner at 11.2 Capital, noted that “The ability to assess financial crime risk has been a subjective and unstandardized process, whereas Elucidate utilizes a structured framework built upon inherent risk factors, their impact, and enforcement actions to objectively quantify financial crime risk. This allows respondent and correspondent banks, regulatory agencies and regulated entities, trading partners and counterparties to determine financial crime risk on a systemic basis.”

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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