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Stockholm-based Doktor.se nabs €45 million for its ‘digi-physical’ care

Today Swedish e-health startup Doktor.se, which offers digital consultations to patients through its smartphone app, announces that it has secured €45 million in a Series C round led by Carnegie and Handelsbanken. Many of Doktor.se’s existing investors, as well as new investors, are participating in the round.

Founded in 2016, Doktor.se’s ambition is to make the healthcare system more efficient and provide better access through physical and digital care. The team has offices in Stockholm and Uppsala, and last year also bagged another €10 million in funding. The new funds raised will be used to further expand its digi-physical offering, mainly by opening new medical centres and by continuously developing its digital healthcare services.

“Doktor.se is driven by the mission to offer accessible, frictionless access to healthcare and to make it available to everyone. The global crisis we are currently undergoing has reinforced the need to transform the healthcare system, to ensure that it is sustainable and future proof,” says Martin Lindman, CEO and co-founder.

Going international will also be a priority for the startup, both in terms of establishment and licensing of the technical platform. Currently, Doktor.se operates as a standalone service in Sweden and also serves as a platform partner to leading Brazilian online doctor Vivabem’s app Vibe and AniCura, a digital veterinarian app available in Sweden. “Our platform technology provides a comprehensive solution and we are seeing a rise in demand from partners all around the world. We are currently in discussions to launch in four major markets in the next year”, said CEO and co-founder Martin Lindman.

Oriola Corporation, a health and wellbeing company operating in the Nordics, is an existing investor participating in the round. “The ongoing pandemic is increasing the demand for easy access to digital healthcare solutions. Oriola is committed to improving people’s health and this long-term investment into digital healthcare is synergistic, it fits well into our strategy and long-term goals,” said Robert Andersson, President and CEO of the Oriola Corporation.

Sweden is one of the most advanced markets in terms of e-health and in 2019 demand surged, reaching a million digital appointments, including health assessments, treatment advice and face-to-face check-ups.

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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