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Prague-based Leadspicker raises around €2 million for its salesperson robot assistant

Having bootstrapped and earned the first million euro themselves, Leadspicker, an AI-powered scouting agency, has landed around €2 million in seed funding from Reflex Capital and J&T Ventures. The fresh funds will be used to expand and develop its tool which automates the repetitive tasks of salespeople.

Founded in 2015, Leadspicker was created by founders Vlastimil Vodička and Jan Skácel to get rid of the burden of repetitive and tedious tasks. Its primary work is in specific search services for interesting startups, finding candidates for programmes like accelerators and competitions. However, Leadspicker also now focuses on a service that automates the routines work of salespeople.

All users need to do is to define their ideal customer’s profile and let the software do its work. Immediately, users can watch their inbox or calendar being filled up with positive responses and meeting requests. The whole process cuts out the scouting and searching time, and lets salespeople focus on exactly what matters the most – closing deals.

The Czech startup has so far gained 200 clients throughout 36 countries, established itself in the United States and recently won recognition as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the CE Deloitte Fast 50 2019 Rising Stars programme. 

CEO, Vlastimil Vodička, explained: “I open my e-mail in the morning and have, for example, eight or ten confirmed meetings with potential clients. I didn’t have to do anything about it. Then I just take calls and sell. I have my personal robot who looks for relevant clients and gradually reaches out to them, so that it does not have to overwhelm me. Our vision is that every salesperson will have their own virtual assistant, which will relieve them of mundane, routine activities. It works great, this is how we gain our clients all over the world”.

“This is the type of company we love. The founders so-called ‘scratched what it was’ and created a global business on their own. In addition, automated work and cost reduction is a trend that is significantly strengthened by the current pandemic crisis. It will be a big deal”, says Ondřej Fryc, the main partner of the Reflex Capital fund, about the investment. 

“Leadspicker is set to become another great Czech success story. The company has been making money since the beginning and, thanks to a well-built business model, the team has been able to penetrate dozens of markets agilely, with more than a third of customers coming from the USA. In addition, we have known both founders for many years, they have a clear vision and a great execution”, explains Adam Kočík, Managing Director of J&T Ventures.

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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