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Amsterdam-based edtech Growth Tribe raises €3 million to boost our digital skills

Today Dutch startup Growth Tribe, a pioneering edtech that is boosting the digital skills of adults and organisations, has announced raising €3 million from Rinkelberg Capital Ltd, after 5 years of careful bootstrapping. The fresh funds will be used to accelerate the organisation’s next phase of growth.

Growth Tribe, founded in 2015, wants to empower adults to always be learning. After recognising that there is a global digital skills gap, where business demand for well educated digital professionals is outpacing supply, they have built a platform that helps adults become digitally flexible and innovative humans. Via their mini learning experiences and on-demand coachings, users can learn data science, analytics, artificial intelligence, growth and marketing, innovation, UX design and product management.

Since starting 5 years ago, the team has grown to 80 full-time team members over 6 European campuses, and helped over 15,000 individuals acquire new digital skills, many from 900 of the world’s most successful organisations including TomTom, Takeway.com and Helloprint.

Now with this new funding, the startup aims to start a new chapter. Their new London-based financial partner Rinkelberg Capital, who is known for investing in companies like Spotify and Takeaway.com, is ready to help them on their mission to inspire people and organisations to ‘always be learning’, in spite of the current crisis.

Peter van Sabben, CEO and co-founder commented: “As we’ve grown, so has our experience, expertise and ambition. We have an increased responsibility to equip people with a broader range of digital skills, to ensure they don’t lose out in a dynamic world. The €3 million investment will help us on this mission. A mission that’s urgency has been accentuated due to the current global crisis”.

Marc Slendebroek, CEO, Rinkelberg Capital commented: “Our firm is excited to support Growth Tribe in its next phase of corporate growth. There is a strong demand for well-educated professionals with strong capabilities in the digital space, enabling Growth Tribe’s clients to deal with digital transformation with confidence and optimism.”

The investment will be used to expand Growth Tribe’s training portfolio, with personalised courses in UX design, data science and digital product management. They will also further develop their online learning solutions, to improve learning flexibility, accessibility and support internationalisation. Additionally, they will look to further optimise the learning experience, through the continued development of their digital capability scan and digital learning platform (software to measure both individual and team domain competency and identify the skills gaps that exist).

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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