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Reworks, mobile games studio, raises €4 million and launches ‘Redecor’

Today Reworks, the Helsinki-based mobile games studio, announces the global launch of its first game Redecor alongside a €4 million funding round led by EQT Ventures fund. Other investors in the round include Play Ventures and Anton Gauffin, founder and CEO at Huuuge Games. The funding will be used to double down on Redecor, which aims to become the leading playground for home decor – a place to play, explore designs, find inspiration and connect with others who share the passion for home design. 

Founded in 2018, the startup is led by former Sumoing staff, who have been creating apps and games together for seven years, specialising in developing uplifting game experiences that spark creativity and imagination. The team’s previous game, Recolor, was the number one colouring game, racking up over 35 million downloads to date.

A key factor that sets the Reworks studio apart is its custom-built REPLAY 3D Engine and Content Platform, which enables mobile 3D customisation games with photo-realistic quality. The platform is tuned for fast production of daily new content, while the unique 3D Engine enables fast roll-out of new 3D customisation games.

With the global launch of Redecor, home design enthusiasts worldwide have access to an interactive version of a home remodelling show in which they are the designer. Players take part in life-like home decoration challenges, explore their dream home decors and compete with other designers. 

“We’ve been working at the intersection of creative apps and games for more than a decade,” said Ilkka Teppo, CEO and co-founder of Reworks. “With Redecor, we wanted to fuse a home design app and mobile game, bringing to life a creative hobby platform for all home decor lovers. We believe there’s a huge opportunity in this category and the possibilities are far greater than what’s currently available. By partnering with EQT Ventures and combining the team’s mobile expertise with our own experience, we believe we can take this category to the next level.”

“Bolstered by a strong beta launch, Reworks is a hugely accomplished games studio with a stellar team of passionate game experts, primed to take on this swiftly growing genre of mobile gaming,” said Lars Jörnow, Partner and Investment Advisor at EQT Ventures. “At EQT Ventures, we were inspired by the fantastic UX and brilliant team, who’ve done this all before. It’s a pleasure to invest into trusted pairs of hands that look set to engage players from all over the world.”


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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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