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Japal.it raises €300K to deliver brands to Italians in quarantine

Milan-based startup Japal.it, a B2C and B2B ‘e-brand’ platform selling well-known brands of food, personal, care and home items, has announced closing its second round of €300K from a group of private investors. It will use the funds to strengthen its new online shop, where customers can buy for delivery across all of Italy.

As the coronavirus emergency makes supermarket shopping more difficult, home delivery has become the norm. Japal, founded in 2018, calls itself an ‘e-brand’ shop, or one of Italy’s first ‘e-commerce as a service’ (EaaS) platforms. For customers at home, Japal is the marketplace for consumer products where you can find an entire range of reputable brands and do your daily shopping online. For business customers, Japal is an e-commerce service outsourcing big brands where you can find special items, as well as buy traditional items without minimum quantities. For brands, Japal is a centralized reference point for your online sales activities, offering the opportunity to directly manage sales in an accessible, controllable, reliable and measurable way.

In February 2020, Japal launched its new custom-made CMS (Content Management System) and improved its logistics processes in order to manage and process a high volume of orders. Plus, thanks to its traffic analysis tools, it is now able to provide its brands with important real-time data on customer purchasing behaviour.

Paolo Broglia and Jacopo Moschini, CEO and COO, commented: “Our goal is to deliver grocery shopping to everyone, and at the same time help the consumer goods industry to innovate their processes through e-commerce, especially with regards to food products, offering a technologically advanced tool accessible to medium enterprises. In this very exceptional historical period, we have received many requests for help from brands to make the delivery of their products to quarantined consumers safe due to COVID19. We know that our mission in this situation becomes even more important, which is why we are at the forefront of ensuring the shipment of basic necessities. In addition, together with the Rava Foundation, we have launched a solidarity campaign for the purchase of urgent intensive care equipment at hospitals”.

Among the brands on Japal.it you can find Bonomelli, Cannamela, Petti, Panarello, Dr Beckmann, Orphea, Podovis, Pearl Drops, Mister Magic, Arbre Magique and many others.

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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