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How do you keep your team motivated? (Sponsored)

One of the most important assets held by a company are its people. Startups, perhaps more than others, know this best, as they hand pick their teams right from the get-go. But good people are often hard to hang on to, and during challenging times, they need to be extra motivated.

For example, some of the things that can de-motivate team members are mixed communications, lack of feedback, or unreachable/continually moving goals. In big companies there may already be structures in place handling these priorities, but in startups, team members often wear many hats or may not be experienced enough to know how to handle management tasks.

The danger of not taking managerial responsibilities in a structured way can mean there is no space for team members to air their worries or challenges, and might mean the difference between growing together as a team, or disbanding your crew.

So how can startup teams best manage these tasks? One option is Mirro, a performance management tool. Run by a startup team itself, Mirro understands the challenges small but growing teams face. 

Its user-friendly tool helps startups understand team dynamics, give kudos for hard work and create a culture of feedback. Time-consuming admin tasks can be as fun as a walk in the park with its seamless time and attendance management system. Plus, users get a holistic view, as it links individual and group performance to company interests, such as a business outcome or adhering to company values. 

Sounds simple enough to set up, too. Users create goals and recurrent activities, in just a few simple clicks, directly from the browser-based, user-friendly app. Currently, the Mirro performance management tool is used by companies such as HRS Recruitment, Career Advisor, FreeNow, 7card, Netopia Payments, AdoreMe.com, DWF – Digital Workforce, High Contrast and DataRevolt.

We have an exclusive offer, too: it’s available just for startups at only €79/month – lifetime price. Find out more on the Mirro website.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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