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Crypto Finance AG raises €13.3 million to expand its blockchain services

Swiss startup Crypto Finance AG, a blockchain-centered fintech, has successfully completed a Series B investment round, raising around €13.3 million. 

Founded in 2017, Crypto Finance AG is a fintech startup providing blockchain-related services through its three divisions: Asset Management, Brokerage and Storage. The aim of Crypto Finance AG is to facilitate the implementation of blockchain technology in the global economy, thanks to a range of high-quality financial services. The team is based in the Crypto Valley in Zug, one of the world’s densest clusters of crypto economics companies and innovative organizations using blockchain technology. 

With this new capital, the total funding raised by the startup is approximately €34.2 million. Jan Brzezek, CEO and Founder of Crypto Finance AG, commented: “I am excited to share our Series B funding news. It lets us continue with our vision and strategy to provide market-leading, professional crypto asset management, trading, and infrastructure.”

The financing round was led by renowned Swiss investor Rainer-Marc Frey and the Asian-based private equity fund Lingfeng Capital. Several existing and new investors joined from across Europe and Asia, including Asian-based QBN Capital. 

Dr Ming Shu, Lingfeng Capital, commented: “The team at Lingfeng is very impressed with the Crypto Finance AG management and operations. This opportunity brings us exposure to the promising crypto asset fintechs working within the regulatory framework and a partner with traditional finance sector experience. We look forward to building a bridge between Europe and Asia with Crypto Finance, and the convergence of traditional and digital asset classes.”

It’s worth noting that Crypto Finance AG is a holding company of Crypto Finance Group, alongside three operational subsidiaries: Crypto Fund AG, one of the first regulated asset managers for crypto assets authorised by FINMA; Crypto Broker AG, active in 24/7 crypto trading; and Crypto Storage AG, providing crypto storage infrastructure and tokenisation solutions.

With just over 50% of overall Group business linked to international clients, Crypto Finance will commit the new funding to continued international expansion and product and service development. This focus reinforces the secure, reliable crypto asset operations that the Crypto Finance Group provides today to a growing variety of institutional and professional investors.

Additionally, the Board of Directors at Crypto Finance AG have also announced that Dr Ming Shu, Partner with Lingfeng Capital, will be proposed as a new member of the Board of Directors at the Annual General Assembly. Lingfeng Capital will bring a strong added value to European fintechs expanding into Asia.

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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