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Lille-based eLamp raises €2 million to expand its employee skills management platform

French startup eLamp has announced raising €2 million to expand its technology for skills management platform. Self-financed from the outset by its 30 customers (Bouygues Construction, Eurotunnel, SPIE, etc.), the company raised this first round of financing from MySeedCap, BPI France, BNP, CIC, Société Générale and a group of Euratechnologies Business Angels. 

Created in 2015 by 3 mining engineers, Olivier Rohou, Florian Bojda and Jean-Baptiste Noachovitch, eLamp aims to become the platform of reference when companies wish to map data on the knowledge of their teams and employees. In simple terms, it captures the competencies of teams, wherever they are, and makes them usable in business processes. Its technology, which makes uses of AI and machine learning, can match different skill portfolios (employees, projects, professions, training, etc), and adapt skills management rules to meet structural and regulatory challenges of companies, among others. Easy to implement, its open and documented APIs are based on market standard technologies. Currently, the platform is available in 10 languages and 13 different countries (including China and Russia,) in both web and mobile versions, and has more than 30 customers worldwide. 

Olivier Rohou, CEO and co-founder of eLamp, said: “Currently, companies do not know their employees, which slows down staffing, certification management and strategic decision-making processes on their resource pools. Our technology allows companies to switch from a business approach to a competency approach by identifying, in real time, all the skills of their employees. Integrated into operational processes, eLamp becomes the processor of the competency data and the foundation for all processes: staffing, HR and certifications/authorizations”. 

What convinced investors to invest was the new opportunity that eLamp offers to go beyond the exclusive HR framework, offering a business-oriented solution capable of improving both operational performance and HR processes. 

The fresh funds will be used in particular to develop four strategic axes, including commercial development in France and then in Europe, industrialization of deployments for key accounts, innovation and R&D of their data model and user experience, and team expansion in Lille and Paris to double its workforce in 2020. 

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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