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Copenhagen-based Grazper, a 3D visualisation startup, acquired by Yokogawa

Denmark-based Grazper Technologies, an advanced AI tech for analysing images, has been acquired by Japan-based Yokogawa Electric Corporation. Yokogawa Electric  completed the acquisition of all shares recently and will leverage Grazpar’s technologies within its various existing businesses and to develop new industrial AI solutions.

Grazper, founded in 2015, uses self-learning AI to create 3D image visualisation. Its softwares employs image recognition methodologies that have been theorized using algorithms and 3D modelling, and it can be operated with limited computing resources. For example, its 3D Behavioural Map solution is video based, allows highly-detailed anonymous person and object tracking, and is GDPR ready. Used in real-world issues, within the spaces of Smart City, Smart Retail and Smart Security, the team also co-created the original, BAFTA-nominated Hitman game series and were members of the core development team of the Emmy-winning Havok physics engine. 

Recent advances in deep learning and related technologies have enabled the practical application of AI in industry, and it is expected that as image identification and data forecasting accuracy continue to improve, the use of AI will only expand further. In particular, by improving the recognition accuracy for moving imagery, it becomes possible to observe the overall environment and context of the whole image, opening up new applications in the security field and for image analysis and robot operations on production lines.

Yokogawa is developing and providing AI-based solutions for plants and public infrastructure projects. Acquiring Grazper’s technology will enable the company to provide solutions that use AI for image analysis, such as capturing image information for robots, detecting abnormalities at plants, and monitoring security using cameras.

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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