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Wales-based AMPLYFI acquires Deep Web Technologies, to help companies unlock deep web data

Wales-based startup AMPLYFI has announced the multi-million dollar purchase of Deep Web Technologies, a US-based company that pioneered deep web search.

The internet, as most people know it, currently contains 6.6 billion websites. However, just like we now know that the universe is made up primarily of stuff we can’t see – so-called dark matter – the internet is predominantly made up of the Deep Web. Not to be confused with the infamous Dark Web, the Deep Web is fundamentally benign. It is however estimated to be 400-500 times larger than the aforementioned 6.6 billion websites indexed by Google – that’s around 96% of the actual internet that standard search engines do not access. That’s an awful lot of data that most people have next to no knowledge of and very limited access to. 

Many forward thinking companies, from hedge funds to app developers, are now beginning to utilise this hidden data gold mine to vastly improve their business intelligence. Deep Web Technologies’ bespoke search solutions unlock value from internal sources and the Deep Web. AMPLYFI’s machine learning and interrogation expertise now supercharges these capabilities to create arguably the most comprehensive deep BI data sets currently available. These enable the client to access open source documents, forecast emerging trends or disruptions, establish correlations and related topics, and then make better decisions driven off unbiased analysis.

Wielding this kind of search power is how AMPLYFI recently helped NatWest Bank to secure the prestigious Risk Credit Portfolio Manager of the Year Award. Their bespoke software allowed relationship managers to draw on a wealth of unstructured information from the Deep Web, providing them with unique intelligence on sectoral risks, trends, and opportunities. More than 600 people at the bank now regularly use it. 

The move will combine AMPLYFI’s machine learning and data analytics expertise, with Deep Web Technologies’ search capabilities. Between them, AMPLYFI (founded in 2015) and Deep Web Technologies (founded in 2002) boast an impressive range of clients including RBS, Airbus, and BP, alongside Stanford University, Boeing, and the UN. 

Chris Ganje, CEO of AMPLYFI, says; “We were always a global enterprise from day one and this acquisition is the coming together of two of the world’s most exciting forerunners in deep web data analytics. In the past five years, AMPLYFI has revolutionised business intelligence through our AI-powered analytics platforms. Now, with the added might of Deep Web Technologies, our global success is set to accelerate even faster.” 

Abe Lederman, CEO of Deep Web Technologies said: “For some time we’ve followed and been excited by the work that AMPLYFI has been doing – they are shaping the future of data analytics and business intelligence.”

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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