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London-based floLIVE snaps up €19.5 million to bring companies seamless global connectivity

London-based floLIVE, providing enterprises with secure connectivity solutions all over the world, today announced both a €19.5 million financing round and the appointment of Nir Shalom as the company’s new CEO. floLIVE will invest the funds, led by 83North, to increase its presence in Europe, Asia and North America as well as accelerate its market awareness programmes.

floLIVE, founded in 2015, aims to address the increasing demand among enterprises for secure, seamless connectivity across the globe, with unified management and control. This is particularly relevant for companies that provide an online service, and need to be connected at all times without hassle. Its ‘Connectivity Management Platform’ is a unique blend of globally distributed core networks, centrally controlled and managed over the cloud. This layout allows its customers to benefit from local connectivity in its ever-growing geographic footprint while complying with emerging regulations and ensuring high performance, low latency and improved coverage.

This funding round was led by 83North, and included notable VCs Dell Technologies Capital, Saban Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures LLC. As part of the round, floLIVE has announced the appointment of Nir Shalom as its new CEO. “We are witnessing a growing demand for seamless, global and secure connectivity services among enterprises and are in a great position to serve this market with our advanced platform and deep market understanding”, said Nir. “Many solutions in the market provide some of the required elements, but no single vendor offers a holistic service like ours.”

“We have great faith in the floLIVE team and are confident in their ability to be a leading provider of global connectivity solutions as-a-service”, said Yoram Snir, Partner at 83North. “floLIVE’s rich technology stack and overlying solutions have been field-proven for the last decade and are well positioned to serve the stringent demands of the IoT connectivity market.”

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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