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Amsterdam-based Bringly raises pre-seed round to expand sustainable delivery service

Dutch startup Bringly, a sustainable same-day delivery platform, has secured a pre-seed funding round from ASIF Ventures. The startup will use the funding to create new partnerships with bike companies and improve its software.

Bringly, founded in 2019, is a ship-from-store solution that uses partners with sustainable delivery companies (i.e. bikes and electric vehicles). Its software allows retailers with physical stores to offer same-day delivery to their customers. Bringly’s algorithm subsequently assigns the deliveries to one of its partners such as Cycloon, DHL and Fietskoerier.nl via their APIs. And it’s already kicking off; multiple shops in Amsterdam like Nubikk, Sam Friday, and Pure Brands, have started using Bringly for same-day deliveries. 

Bringly’s co-founder and CEO, Rajiv Laigsingh, worked on a last-mile delivery project for Suitsupply in the United States, where he developed his interest in the space. While starting Bringly, Laigsingh noticed that traditional carriers were still not cooperating enough, resulting in inefficient deliveries. This gave Rajiv Laigsingh and his Co-Founder Anton Liulichev the idea behind Bringly: “Instead of competing for the same package and adding more (bike) couriers driving into the same streets, we let our algorithm determine the most sustainable and efficient bike courier to deliver a package the same day”.

When retailers want to send a package to a customer’s home, they use Bringly’s app, dashboard or API to have it delivered without any CO2-emissions, via a professional bike courier. The courier gets notified immediately to pick up the package in the afternoon and deliver it the same evening at the customer’s home. Since the courier often already is on the road, delivery is fast. Really fast. Bringly promises to deliver the package within 2 hours or the same evening between 18:00 and 22:00. 

CEO Laigsingh believes that we need a sustainable delivery collective to deliver quicker, more efficient and sustainable in the last mile. “When you order something online from a big retailer, that also has stores in the city, the package often still comes from a distribution center far away outside the city. The usage of polluting deliver vans results in unnecessary CO2 emissions. We want to make a shift towards a sustainable alternative, by shipping from physical stores nearby. Shipping products from a store nearby makes it possible to deliver the same day via bike couriers only. Next to that retailers then can integrate their stores better in their omni-channel strategy and decrease their logistic costs.”

Due to its traction and strong founding team, ASIF Ventures decided to invest in Bringly. “Rajiv and Anton’s traction with Bringly, their drive and their vision has really made us confident in the team”, says Tom McDonald, Director at ASIF Ventures. “The vision of ASIF is to bridge the gap between young entrepreneurs and the VC ecosystem and we believe this team is one to really take advantage of this opportunity. Their track record and expertise shows a lot of promise to further expand Bringly to different cities and countries.”

Bringly’s plans for 2020 are to onboard more retailers with physical stores on their platform and intensify the collaboration with bike companies. Next to that the investment will also be used to further improve their software and integrations for retailers. 

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte is the previous Editor at EU-Startups.com. She spends her time scouting the next big story, managing our contributor team, and getting excited about social impact ventures. She has previously worked as a Communications Consultant for number of European Commission funded startup projects.

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