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Rome-based BAGBNB raises €2.5 million to become world’s largest luggage storage network

Italian startup BAGBNB wants to solve a problem faced by almost every traveller: where to store your bag when you are passing through a city, or have just a few hours left of your holiday. 

The Rome-based startup has announced closing a round of €2.5 million, entirely covered by VV2 and VV4 funds, managed by Vertis, an asset management company founded by Amedeo Giurazza.

BAGBBNB, founded in 2016, is a luggage storage network, with wide global coverage across 3000 locations in 300 cities. In just 3 years, it has managed to create a solid and sustainable business that has come to store over 1.5 million pieces of luggage. How does it work? It has created a community of businesses (or BAGBNB ‘Angels’) that provide the luggage storage services, with secure spots ranging from hotels to cafes. Led by Alessandro Seina, and founded together with Giulio De Donato and Giacomo Piva, the team has zoomed past its competitors, who follow the company with just 1/3 of the amount of luggage stored. 

With these new funds, BAGBNB will invest in marketing and attract young talent, with the main aim being to improve the experience of the service and increase geographical coverage to over a thousand cities around the world. In 2020, BAGBNB has the ambitious goal of doubling the turnover of the previous year. 

“BAGBNB wants to become a point of reference for those arriving and departing from a city, solving not only the luggage problem, which is just the tip of the traveller’s iceberg. It is no coincidence that we call our partners ‘Angels’, because they are the first and the last point that our users visit upon arrival or just before they leave, and with them we want to build a unique experience around our network for all travellers,”, explains CEO and co-founder Alessandro Seina.

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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