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Brno-based Wereldo snaps up almost €400K to revolutionise logistics

Czech startup Wereldo has announced raising almost €400K from Lighthouse Ventures, its first funding up until now, having been previously completely bootstrapped. 

Wereldo, founded in 2018, aims to revolutionize logistics by making it easier, faster, and more cost-efficient to move goods from point A to point B anywhere in the world – via container ships, planes, trucks, and trains. By radically automating processes and designing a superior user experience, it makes buying and selling goods anywhere on the globe more efficient and easier than ever before. With a monthly service fee, customers can benefit from Wereldo’s offering on a rolling basis. 

The founders Jakub Skopec and Tomáš Zahradník met while working at Kiwi.com, Czech based unicorn. Jakub and Tomáš realised that there are great similarities between travel and logistics and got inspired by the level of digitization in the travel industry. “Our goal is to simplify the whole planning and booking process in transport and logistics. We want freight booking to be as easy as booking a flight ticket today”. 

What the dispatchers of individual companies plan for several hours today, Wereldo is able to procure within minutes. Therefore, their main clients include distribution and manufacturing companies, whose solutions save time and money. 

Within five years, startup aims to be able to plan and book transportation across continents by land, water and air. The new funds of around €400K from the Lighthouse Ventures investment fund should help with this. Additionally, the startup will focus on product development and growing its team, which currently consists of about 10 people. 

“We were intrigued by their industry knowledge, execution speed and even team composition. A clear vision and global ambition makes Wereldo a project in which it makes sense to invest,” says a representative of Lighthouse Ventures.

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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