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Barcelona’s coolest coworking spaces to check out in 2020

Barcelona is known as an amazing city for digital nomads, entrepreneurs and freelancers. The sun is almost always shining and the sea breeze makes life more enjoyable. This is why in recent years the growth and demand for coworking spaces has soared. 

The revolution of the workplace has also changed the city scenery. Nowadays you’ll find coworkings all around the city, from former factories and shops to entire buildings turned into coworking spaces – each one of them with a particular set of perks to suit their members. 

Here’s a list with eleven of Barcelona’s best coworking spaces for founders, digital nomads, small and large companies, and anyone who needs a space to work. If we missed any, share it with us!

Spaces-logoSpaces offers creative working environments with a unique entrepreneurial spirit and a great community. Add an international network of mobile workspaces and a full calendar of business events and networking lunches, and you’ll see just how Spaces keeps you engaged and open to new possibilities. Originating in Amsterdam, Spaces aims to redefine the way work is done. In Barcelona, Spaces provides two beautiful coworking spaces. One in Poblenou and one next to the Olympic Port.

WeWork – Despite the latest media coverage related to its IPO, WeWork remains one of the coolest places to work in Barcelona. With five buildings around the city filled with offices for rent, WeWork sits in the top-tier of coworking places for founders. Every building has different perks but one of the coolest things about their spaces is the borderless connectivity between members, which gives you the possibility of reaching people from all around the globe, truly taking advantage of their community. This place is a great fit for startups, SMEs, freelancers and for people looking to network.

Zamness – Coworking places are not only for digital entrepreneurs. This inspiring space was designed by Nook Architects, who currently maintain their studio and offices there. The original building has large windows and industrial columns from the 70s, and on becoming ‘Zamness’, was transformed with bright colours, plants and nordic lines. In contrast to other spaces with a festive atmosphere, Zamness provides a quiet, calm and peaceful vibe that is perfect for architects and designers who enjoy a serene working space. 

La Vaca – Barcelona is a great city for adapting and changing at a fast pace, and La Vaca is no exception. La Vaca was built in an enormous old cowshed where people used to buy fresh milk, hence the name (‘vaca’ is cow in Spanish). Now, it is a space for freelancers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs to enjoy the vibe and energy that flows in the place, while working in their most important projects. La Vaca offers activities like art exhibitions, games, yoga practices, paella days, and even a midnight runners meet-up that converges there on Mondays. The communal vibe from artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads from around the world gives this place a special atmosphere to cultivate creative ideas and meet other freelancers or young teams. 

Monday – The people at Monday are looking to revolutionize the common concept of a coworking, by aiming by streamlining work, leisure, sports, community and healthy eating. One of the coolest places to go in the summer is one of their locations near Tibidabo, where they have a pool for members to have business meetings or gather thoughts during the day. You can also find gym installations and sport classes to work in your personal wellness. This space is fast becoming one of the coolest bases for entrepreneurs who enjoy mixing leisure activities with work, inspiring them to work harder, and in the process, change how we look at Mondays.

MOB-Barcelona – Makers of Barcelona was one of the first established coworking spaces in Barcelona. The place is filled with a creative vibe like no other – as soon as you enter you feel like you’re in the place where your greatest creative ideas can come to life. When I arrived in Barcelona, this was one of the first places I worked and I enjoyed every minute there. In particular, the underground level has a creative atmosphere that you can easily get involved with. Events are organized every day so members can benefit from networking and exchanging ideas with like minded people. This place is a great option for people looking to be engaged with other members on a daily basis, and for professionals focused on public relations and communication.

Nest City Lab (by Apocapoc) – Nest City Lab’s goal is an eco-friendly space that thinks green and cares about the planet. Built in a former factory, this has become the go-to place for those that seek an environmentally-friendly space to work. Filled with plants, its unique architecture gives you a mindset of working in the middle of a forest. Some of its most unique features are the fruit trees, roof garden, vegetarian kitchen and edible plants, creating a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that you notice as soon as you enter the place. This is a great space for social or environmental impact entrepreneurs that are looking for an environmentally sustainable place to develop their projects and meet like-minded people.

OneCoWork – Imagine feeling blocked, stuck or uninspired and looking out through the window and terrace to find the sea beneath you. With three locations around the city, without a doubt the most tranquil is the space by the marina, sitting directly by the water. OneCoWork spaces are designed to inspire you and give you a feeling of creativity flowing through your mind. Bringing together entrepreneurs, young talents, startups, and large companies, this place is great to find lectures, workshops and networking events for members to expand their borders. 

Betahaus – Betahaus has one of the coolest perks that I’ve seen in a coworking – a terrace that offers an elevated view of Barcelona, where you can work in the sun and get inspired overlooking the city. The environment is filled with inspiring energy that turns your work flow ‘on’. It is designed to suit the varying needs of entrepreneurs who want to work alone or with their teammates, offering solitude booths and shared tables, as well as talks in the ‘brain rooms’. The space is best suited for entrepreneurs with remote teams for the flexibility it offers them to thrive.

Valkiria – Valkiria is located in the heart of the [email protected] district, the district where innovation and entrepreneurship drive the setting. The space is optimum for digital and social entrepreneurs who are seeking to make a meaningful change. The architecture and design of the amazing place gives you a stylish vibe of productivity. The place’s architecture is also focused for hosting events of all kinds, especially talks on innovation, social impact and music and art events. Valkiria offers its members mentors and event organization, which are useful for those looking to scale and grow their ventures. The coolest feature in this space is the open, light feel, which will make you feel like you and your projects are truly making a change in the world. 

CoCo Coworking – Is coffee one of the founding members of your team? Then this is the place you need to go to work. Coco Coffice is a coffee shop designed as a modern office for freelancers, entrepreneurs and even students who love getting their morning caffeine freshly brewed. The space provides a refreshing communal workspace with a great balance between too noisy and too quiet. The coolest feature is the generous servings of coffee, cakes, teas, fruits and cookies included in the package. Also, the place has added a twist to the coworking model – instead of choosing a fixed desk or plan, you rent the space by the hour, giving you the choice of how much you spend in each of your coffee-filled working sessions. This place is great for writers and freelancers who enjoy getting things done in their local coffee shop but don’t want any of the discomforts associated.

By the way: There are many other awesome coworking spaces in Barcelona. Other cool places to check out are Talent Garden, Utopicus, itnig, and CREC.

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