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Tallinn-based Clanbeat snaps up over €1 million to develop personalised learning tool for schools and workplaces

Estonian ed-tech startup Clanbeat has raised over €1 million from Mistletoe Inc and angel investors Martin Henk and Ragnar Sass. The funds will be used to support the development of a platform that helps users to become ‘self-driven’ learners, as well as expand reach to new markets.

Clanbeat Education was founded in 2018 by Kadri Tuisk with partners Tiina Pauklin, Christjan Schumann and Triin Noorkõiv. Currently, Clanbeat has a team of 7 and is located in Tallinn, Estonia, with a main client base in Northern Europe and SE Asia. Clanbeat focuses its efforts on ed-tech, primarily in developing a personalised growth assistant tool for everyone (from school students to adult learners) to plan their own unique, long-term growth and learning plan.

The idea behind the tool is that we live in a world with increasingly complex challenges, and all need to raise our learning skills like never before. Clanbeat’s holistic software aims to support both school students and working adults in mastering driving their own learning and being a well balanced human being along that journey. At its core, it focuses on both individual planning and fostering a community feeling.

“Besides individual learning plans — community and 1-on-1 support is often needed to reach new heights. We are here to help with the process of systematically organizing one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions to attain one’s goals in this ever-changing world. We’re helping people to discover their true passions, achieve their goals and shape their own future. I’m super excited to work with Taizo and Mistletoe because of shared vision around a human-centered future”, said Kadri Tuisk, Founder and CEO of Clanbeat.

Taizo Son, the Founder of Mistletoe Inc is the lead investor in this round. He and his fund are investing in companies that are here to create a better future, such as other ed-tech startups like Classting and ClassDo. 

Taizo Son says: “I believe that the future of education is self-directed lifelong learning. It means that we all should keep learning what we love until we die, because I strongly believe that the success in life is not wealth and fame but one’s personal growth. “The gardener does not make a plant grow. The job of a gardener is to create optimal conditions.” As Sir Ken Robinson said, good tools that assists one’s personal growth are very important. In that sense, I empathize with Clanbeat’s vision and solutions very much.”

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Charlotte Tucker
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