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Munich-based Mylivn raises €5.5 million and launches social network for next-Gen content creators

MYLIVN, a Munich-based social network, today announces the launch of their app, now available for iOS users globally. The company has received a total of €5.5 million across three seed rounds and is now entering its Series A financing. 

Mylivn is a social network aimed at the ‘slash’ generation who have more than one career or passion, e.g. developer / photographer. Founded in 2015, Mylivn describes itself as serving “modern creative minds with multiple passions”. Its platform lets people design their own social networking universe to connect and share creativity in a way that fits all parts of who they really are.

According to a 2017 YPulse research, 72% of Millennials and Gen Z express a strong preference for personalized products and services. At the same time, young people are increasingly choosing a non-linear career path by simultaneously pursuing several different passions and juggling multiple identities in the process. 

“The Slash-generation, people with multiple passions and occupations, is taking over. We see a clear demand for authenticity, uniqueness, the opportunity to make your own thing. The way social media is structured needs to reflect that. Mylivn is the raw, new place designed to serve the needs of a person with more than one passion in life,” says Lars Luethke, founder of Mylivn. 

Mylivn has a number of features, including allowing users to creative multiple ‘micro-networks’ for each of their passions/occupations, private and public group channels, multi-channels that act as content playlists (available 2020), interactive local maps to discover businesses and posts in your region, and customizable threads. The Android version will also be released early 2020.

In addition, Mylivn has a timeline-based swipe-and-scroll feed, a dual story camera, 1:1 and group chats, voice messaging, and more. 

“We have built a strong foundation to which we will keep adding more unique, customizable features in the coming months. In true multi-passionate spirit, we refuse to limit ourselves. Instead, we want to give our users multiple tools to create their online social universe to connect and share in a new way,” says Lars Luethke.

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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