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Aircall, cloud-based phone system, launches new App Marketplace to help companies use voice for growth

Today French startup Aircall, the cloud-based phone system, has launched their new App Marketplace, whilst on stage at the event DisruptBerlin. COO Jonathan Anguelov showcased the startup’s 5-year journey before publicly announcing the launch of the new marketplace, which will help companies use voice to drive performance.

Paris-based Aircall describes itself as the ‘phone system for modern business’, boasting a simple set-up and simple integrations (with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Slack, Intercom and more). Aircall is used by over 4000 companies, spanning over 100 countries worldwide.  

Now the launch of its new marketplace further sets it apart by creating a ‘one-stop-shop’ for added features, technology, and collaboration. Aircall describes it as an innovative SaaS solution for companies looking to turn their voice data into a real performance driver. There will be more than 50 available integrations ranging from sales and support technologies, to data management and payment platforms. Additionally, the intuitive Aircall API comes with all the necessary support and documentation that companies need to create and develop their own solutions. 

Aircall has seen rapid growth since the beginning of their journey. Now boasting offices in  both Paris and New York City, they have 250 employees and has already raised €36.8 million, including a Series B round in 2018.  

“From CRM, Helpdesk, and Productivity tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, to A.I. and  transcription, data tools, and survey solutions – we’ve only just started to explore the possibilities of our integrations and I can’t wait to see all of the innovative apps Aircall will build  together with our partners to amplify the power of voice.” says Jonathan Anguelov, COO and Co-founder at Aircall.  

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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