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Gothenburg-based fashion retailer NA-KD announces climate compensation on all deliveries and returns

Gothenburg-based fashion retailer NA-KD has recently accelerated its commitment to making the disruptive changes needed to build sustainability and circularity deeply into its business model.

Effective as of yesterday 5 November 2019, NA-KD has announced a new initiative to climate compensate all outbound customer deliveries and returns.

Founded four years ago, NA-KD is a fast growing company with an estimated annual net of  €120 to €130 million and continuously improved operational results. The growth has been propelled by a number of successful new collaborations, launches of local sites and popular pop-up stores around Europe.

Over the last few months, NA-KD has been ramping up its commitment to greener, more sustainable e-commerce. The brand has been rolling out a wide range of activities: sustainable collections with influencers, improved recycled materials for packaging and reduced freight forwarding. Now, NA-KD are rolling out a carbon offsetting scheme to continue this commitment.

NA-KD will be working with Tricorona Climate Partner (TCP) experts in the climate compensation space. TCP will assist NA-KD in evaluating the environmental impact of the brand’s millions of orders, and then help calculate the value of the required carbon dioxide offset.  Based on these climate calculations, NA-KD will compensate total emissions from deliveries and returns ton by ton. TCP will be managing NA-KD’s climate compensation investments.

No matter what shipping method customers use NA-KD will climate compensate, through a frictionless solution that is good for customers and the environment.

“The NA-KD Truth, our strategy for sustainability, is a priority focus area for us,” said Natasha Billing. “So it made perfect sense to manifest this commitment by rolling out carbon offsetting for our millions of orders. This is an important part of our future, and we are proud to initiate this next stage of our sustainable journey. Just like our customers, we want to take care of this planet and leave a legacy that we can be proud of. And that’s the NA-KD Truth.”

“Sustainability is a key part of our mission and an integral part of our future business,” said founder and CEO Jarno Vanhatapio. “We know that committing to carbon offsetting in our delivery and returns will allow us to make a huge positive environmental impact quickly,” “We are committed to finding the right partners to work with in order to proactively reduce our impact on the planet. So we are delighted to be working with credible veterans Tricorona Climate Partner to achieve this.”

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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