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Düsseldorf-based CUREosity raises €1.1 million in seed financing to develop its digitally assisted therapy and training system

Düsseldorf-based CUREosity has successfully completed its first round of financing with selected angel investors. The lead investor Rhein Invest provided significant advice and support for the €1.1 million in financing.

Currently there are more than 10 million (700 million worldwide) people with psychological and neurological impairments in Germany as a result of causes including stroke, traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and depression.

The consequences are the loss of independence, an increased need for personnel in rehabilitation and rising costs of the social systems. This number will continue to rise due to the ageing of society and progress in acute care. Previous rehabilitation methods have not succeeded in countering this development. CUREosity wants to use intelligent concepts to help close the supply gap.

The founders of CUREosity (whose family members are affected) developed a completely new, worldwide rehabilitation and training method based on VR technology. The first prototype of a therapy system for cognitive and motor rehabilitation shows high acceptance and impressive results in the first clinical practice. The founders and their accompanying team of doctors rely on current neuroscientific findings.

Efficient methods are used to utilise the neuroplasticity of the brain in order to restore lost abilities, and return affected people to a self-determined life with as little help from others as possible.

“The financing will enable CUREosity to develop its visionary rehabilitation method for people with neurological impairments as a marketable product,” said Thomas Saur, CEO of CUREosity GmbH. “It is our aim to ensure that a motivating and high-frequency therapy reaches patients promptly.” 

Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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