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Delft-based semiconductor startup Nowi secures €8 million to continue the expansion with its energy harvesting solutions

The Dutch semiconductor startup Nowi just secured an additional substantial Series A investment by Disruptive Technology Ventures (DTV). This brings the total funding of the Delft-based company to around €12.6 million.

Founded in 2015, Nowi is now increasingly focused on the commercialization of its unique patented energy harvesting power management integrated circuit. Pushing past established competitors such as Texas Instruments, Analog Devices and others with a novel multi patented process, Nowi is now preparing commercial release for 2020.

DTV’s Ad Scheepbouwer commented: “DTV has an investment philosophy that centers around disruptive and enabling technologies that address global markets. Nowi’s energy harvesting fits seamlessly in this profile. Over the last two years we have seen them grow the team to a professional organization, their commercial efforts have created a highly promising sales funnel and the technology has transitioned from an interesting technology to a mature product. As such, DTV is very excited to take the lead in this new round of funding and support them as this technology is commercialized globally.”

Connecting millions of devices presents all sorts of problems that do not play a part on smaller scales. Particularly as different applications will have their own distinct set of challenges. Nowi is able to address some of the challenges that very diverse IoT, consumer and semiconductor applications all share. Size and cost are always determining factors in economic feasibility of an application and even more so due to the high volume and low price points of products in these markets.

Simon van der Jagt, the CEO of Nowi commented: “This new €8 million Series A round of funding enables Nowi to further grow the team and complete the transition from start-up to a mature organization, while still retaining a majority position in the company. As we launch our first NW-A2.3 Energy Harvesting PMIC product in the first half of 2020 we will further expand our commercial activities. This also enables collaborations with partners with a longer time horizon.”

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