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Berlin-based Swobbee becomes Battery-as-a-Service partner of Spanish e-scooter manufacturer Torrot Electric

The Spanish e-scooter manufacturer Torrot Electric has opted for the Berlin Battery-as-a-Service provider Swobbee as a battery service partner. Torrot is represented in many European and US cities with sharing fleets and is with around 5,000 electric scooters one of the leading providers on the e-scooter sharing market. The Torrot battery system will now be integrated into Swobbee’s battery replacement infrastructure. It is already the third battery in the Swobbee system.

Swobbee has developed Europe’s first manufacturer-open battery replacement system for electric light vehicles such as e-scooters and e-bikes, which has recently been put into series production following successful pilot projects. The agreement with Torrot provides for Swobbee to set up and operate sharing points at European Torrot-Sharing sites. As part of the cooperation, the two partners also want to test and evaluate new rental offers for batteries.

The Swobbe brand, which belongs to the Berlin-based startup GreenPack mobile energy solutions GmbH (founded in 2017), has set itself the task of establishing a mobile and sustainable energy network in order to support the turnaround in energy and mobility.

“We believe that decentralised battery charging stations will play an important role in sharing business models in the future and would like to offer this solution as the industry’s innovation leader to our existing and future customers,” explains Vahe Pekmez, Managing Director of Torrot Deutschland and person in charge for business development Torrot Electric.

Tobias Breyer, CMO of Swobbee parent company GreenPack, sees in the battery exchange a win-win situation for all parties involved: “We are delighted to be working with Torrot to pave the way for a future of e-scooter sharing that is both environmentally and economically sustainable. At the same time, with the Torrot battery, the range of applications of Swobbee stations is growing, which simplifies the operation of more and more fleets. We are confident that Swobbee will be the micro mobility filling station in the future. Currently, the Swobbee system is already being prepared for additional batteries”

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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