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Valencia-based startup Mr Jeff acquires Entrenarme and expands into two new verticals to become a ‘super service’ app

Founded in 2015, the Valencia-based laundry service startup Mr Jeff (now, just Jeff) has already grown to over 500 employees, after announcing the expansion of their global business model last July in a bid to become a services super app and make people’s lives easier.

We’ve previously covered Mr Jeff several times. It made our list of 10 Spanish startups to look out for in 2018, and we covered its €10.4 million round in January 2019, as the startup planned to expand into 30 new countries.

The startup’s expansion has now been consolidated by incorporating two new verticals into the business model – beauty and fitness – which will be combined with the traditional company business, washing and dry-cleaning home delivery services.

The ‘super service app’ has announced the acquisition of Entrenarme, as well as its platform SpaceFit, which will become part of Jeff in the Fit Jeff vertical. Entrenarme is another Valencian startup led by entrepreneurs Diego Moyá and Sebastien Borreani, whose main job is to connect users and personal trainers.

Jeff will combine different verticals to make people’s day to day life better, and giving them more time to enjoy what’s important.  All this on one platform (both website and app) which will help to promote a ‘good life’.

The company already has 1,780 Jeff Stores in 32 countries. At the same time, shops will get back what digitalisation took away from them.

“We are the first platform to promote the good life, the type of life you can only have doing what you like, with no worries, having time for yourself and enjoying each day in a different way, all in one click,” said Eloi Gómez, CEO and co-founder of Jeff. “Jeff wants to empower small and large businesses who wanted to offer well-being services to their customers but were sent into oblivion and lost their competitive edge following large-scale digitization of the market. Jeff offers them the chance to become part of a franchise network where instead, they will benefit from this digital power, but without losing their essence and personal touches that make them unique. Our focus has always been to value the customer, and we think we can do so, not only through washing and ironing their clothes, but also by providing services they might need in their day-to-day lives.”

Each vertical will be included within Jeff but will equally have its own brand name and identity. To the now well-known laundry and ironing home delivery service, which will continue to be called Mr Jeff, we will add a fitness service – Fit Jeff, where activities will be organized at centers and personal trainers in any discipline will be made available. In addition, our beauty and hairdressing services, to be called Beauty Jeff, celebrates its first opening in Argentina and will soon open franchises in Spain.

We don’t want to separate ourselves from the recognition and reputation we’ve achieved so far in the market with Mr Jeff. For this reason, we’ve decided that each vertical will include the word Jeff, so that the new business lines which open can be easily identified with our brand,” said Gómez.

Furthermore, last year they announced the launch of SpaceFit, a platform which offered different activities, that ranged from yoga and pilates to HIIT and functional training, which users could have unlimited use of.

All these services and activities will be offered through Fit Jeff, in places called ‘oases.’ These oases will begin to open through the franchise model, where you can disconnect and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, while getting in shape.

Jeff and Entrenarme share the same values. Both companies were created with the desire to improve people’s lives around the world, so that the users can enjoy their free time even more,” said Gomez. “It was very clear to Jeff that people’s physical well-being should be a priority, so understanding each other was easy from the beginning. Fit Jeff comes from exploiting Jeff’s capacity to grow, our knowledge in both the world of fitness and technological potential, says Diego Moya, executive director and founder of Entrenarme. We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to launch this network of boutique centres together here in Valencia. This will allow high flexibility for members, being able to train wherever and whenever is best for them and in the discipline most suited to their needs.

Entrenarme meets all our requirements for the optimal development of our fitness vertical. Incorporating their entire team and integrating their market knowledge is key to opening this new line of business successfully,said Gómez.

Jeff announced the launch of their new beauty vertical in July and has signed a collaboration agreement with the hairdressing chain, Oh my Cut!, from Alicante. Founded by Kiko Medina, through this agreement OMC will bring its know-how and experience in the beauty sector for the development of the network of Beauty Jeff franchises. In this way, OMC will continue to work as its own brand, while also having a fundamental input in the the beauty vertical developed by Jeff.

In the same way as Mr Jeff and Fit Jeff, beauty and hairdressing services will be offered through our own brand: Beauty Jeff. We will offer haircuts, coloring, washing, hairstyles and specific treatments, as well as manicures and waxing. Customers can also purchase products from top hairdressing and manicure brands in the Salon.

The service will be easily available through the app, and we are already working on opening our next franchises, where customers will be able to enjoy their treatments and beauty services.

We saw this as a great opportunity for both companies from the start. We share the same passion for the end customer, the vision to digitize a traditional business and simplifying services,” said Kiko Medina, director and founder of Oh my Cut!. “Our knowledge and how-how in the sector will bring a differentiating value to Beauty Jeff’s diversification strategy and minimize the limitations of entering into a new business. In return, we at OMC will benefit from the skilled sales team at Mr Jeff, both in Spain and international markets. Furthermore, the fact that OMC is a also a franchise chain means we have the same business essence, making the collaboration easier.

OMC knows the beauty sector and franchise business system perfectly, allowing us all to connect more effectively with our business idea. Having the know-how of such a large hairdressing and beauty franchise in Spain makes OMC the perfect partner to help us develop this diversification in Jeff,” added Gómez.

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