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Startup Heatmap launches trainings for those supporting startup communities (Sponsored)

“I am looking for better metrics than investments to measure the health of our ecosystem”, says Enzo while he draws his concept of a decentralized community of startups in the sustainability sector on a flip chart. Enzo is co-founder of e-cospaces.com and participates with 18 international peers from Finland to Portugal in a course specifically designed for ecosystem builders, firming under the name Startup Ecosystem Accelerator.

Serghei Glinca, one of the initiators, explains: “The tools that ecosystem builders need, are different from those that you learn in management courses and they are also different on how startup support organizations have been working for too long.”

The trainings are based on practitioners sharing the latest concepts and best practices from the real-world. “There is always an entrepreneur and a topical expert in the room, so we never lose touch with reality”, Glinca continues. The Startup Heatmap Europe team members are all working in the startup world themselves and have spent years monitoring European tech ecosystems. Now they are facilitating the spread of the knowledge that exists already within various organizations.

2-Days to Learn and Network in Stockholm on December 12-13

Upcoming courses focus on Venture Capital 101 for Ecosystem Builders as well as a “Data Lab” teaching both professionals and beginners on how to make use of data in building strategies for startup ecosystems.

Startup Ecosystem Data Lab

While there is a lot of data available on startup communities, many ecosystem professionals have difficulties to make use of it in their daily operations. This course is led by a data scientist who teaches the basics of working with data and enables participants to build their own data strategy from defining metrics over data collection and analysis to visualizing results and creating a data narrative to present to stakeholders.

The course is fit also for beginners with little statistical background and recommended for professionals in economic development agencies, accelerators, incubators, universities, corporates as well as investment funds. More info can be found here.

Venture Capital 101 for Ecosystem Builders

Startup Community leaders play a big role in facilitating early-stage investments from Angel up to Series A-stage. To speak on eye-level both with experienced investors as well as serial entrepreneurs, this course empowers ecosystem builders with a solid understanding of the concepts of venture capital.

It uncovers how investment funds are setup and which logic they follow. All stages of the investment process are portrayed including valuations and elements of term sheets as well as equity negotiations and dilution throughout the investment rounds and the effects on exit scenarios for both founders and investors.

This course is recommended for professionals in startup support organizations but also founders of startups, who want to gain a deep understanding of the investment cycle. More info can be found here.

If you are interested to participate in one of the upcoming courses or would like to work together with the Heatmap to have a tailored course for your organization or network, please contact [email protected].

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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