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Munich-based online meeting tool Demodesk raises €2 million seed funding round

Munich-based Demodesk is a Y Combinator-backed startup that is building an intelligent online meeting tool for inside sales and customer service teams. The startup has just raised a €2 million seed funding round from GFC, FundersClub, Y Combinator, Kleiner Perkins and a set of angel investors from Silicon Valley and Europe.

Demodesk was founded in 2017 with the vision of enabling better customer conversations with its web conferencing technology that uses a new approach to screen sharing.

By utilising a virtual display, Demodesk automatically loads the right presentation content at the beginning of meetings, while providing real-time conversational guidance on the sales rep’s side without the customer seeing it, as well as more data than existing tools.

Inside sales – professional sales done remotely via phone calls, web conferencing, email and other online channels rather than meeting face-to-face — is a huge and rapidly growing field. Out of 6 million professional sales people in the US, inside sales jobs already account for 50% today.

While the average US company utilised six sales technology solutions in 2017, the web conferencing tools that are being used in inside sales today are purely functional. They hardly offer anything beyond video calling and local desktop sharing. In a time where almost all B2B companies build web-based software, it’s needlessly complicated to route screen sharing through local desktops still.

Even though AI and NLP are slowly upgrading call recording, vendors are still having a hard time making sense of sales conversations at scale and tracking meaningful data.

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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