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Berlin-based medical education platform AMBOSS raises €30 million in Series B financing

Since its last funding round in 2017, the Berlin-based medical education platform AMBOSS has grown from an exam preparation tool for German medical students to a global platform for doctors, and is now used by more than half a million users to apply the latest medical knowledge.

Students use the platform’s interactive library and question bank for general study and exam preparation, while doctors use AMBOSS to make more effective clinical decisions guided by evidence-based recommendations.

The startup has now secured €30 million in Series B funding led by Partech’s growth fund, with Target Global acting as a co-investor. Existing investors Cherry Ventures, Wellington Partners and Holtzbrinck Digital also participated in the round.

“Medical knowledge is exploding and it is almost impossible for doctors to quickly obtain reliable clinical information,” said Benedikt Hochkirchen, co-CEO of AMBOSS. “Our mission is to connect every doctor with precise medical knowledge to provide the best possible care. This new funding will allow us to make a meaningful contribution to global health. We are proud of our team’s exceptional achievements and grateful for the trust of our investors. Together, we want to drive the transformation medicine has been waiting for.”

AMBOSS started in 2013 in Berlin as a study platform for medical students, and reached over 90% of market share in less than two years. With the new funding, AMBOSS will accelerate the rollout of its product globally. The startup will also use the funds to further invest in its smart guidance application to improve daily clinical decision-making for both generalist and specialist doctors.

”Better-structured medical knowledge is the foundation to improve healthcare,” said Omri Benayoun, general partner at Partech. “Physicians and students work in a time-constrained environment, where knowledge sources are proliferating, and are often complex to access and apply. At AMBOSS, software engineers, doctors and scientists leverage technology to bring simplicity to medical knowledge modelling and delivery. We are impressed by the unique cutting-edge approach of AMBOSS to pioneer faster breakthroughs and are excited to partner with the visionary and passionate team, which is impacting global health positively.”

With the opening of the US headquarters in New York in 2017, leading doctors from Harvard, Yale and Stanford University joined the AMBOSS team and successfully launched the platform in the US market. Now, more than 50 medical schools around the world, including the New York University School of Medicine (NYU), have adopted AMBOSS as an essential study resource for their students.

Today, the AMBOSS mobile app is used on a daily basis in almost every German hospital, and has become an essential decision-making tool for doctors, says the startup. Two of the largest hospital groups in Europe use AMBOSS as a standard platform for their doctors. In close partnership with leading medical societies, AMBOSS incorporates the latest medical guidelines, pushing evidence-based medicine further, offering higher standards and improving the quality of healthcare.

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