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AI-powered domestic services platform Cleanzy.com launches in London

Cleanzy.com, an innovative, AI-powered domestic services platform aimed at tech savvy busy professionals, has just launched in London. Founded in 2014 in Turkey, Cleanzy has since become a leading name in expert cleaning solutions, with over 4,500 professionals in Turkey, Spain and Italy. Cleanzy only supplies experienced, trusted, professional staff who are background checked and continuously trained.

The Cleanzy app matches the right cleaner to the right job, by task, location, price and time. The company has a people-focused approach and puts improving the social wellbeing of its cleaners at the heart of its business.

Cleanzy’s founder Tayga Baltacioglu stated: “Cleanzy allows busy city people to enjoy life while having hassle-free cleaning services at home. Our workforce is primarily made up of women, many of whom have come to this country to make a better life for them and their families. They want to work hard for their future and that of their children. They’ve never been recognized for their work, nor has it been a priority for them. They’re not used to being told that they’ve done a good job and we’re doing just that. If we’re meant to be a society of equality then why is your cleaner not made to feel good, in the same way as you’d respect, say, your PA?”

Turkish born Tayga worked as a cleaner for six months to learn everything he could about the industry before launching Cleanzy in his home country in 2014. Since the company’s launch on September 1 it has already fulfilled thousands of cleaning requests and is growing rapidly.

Tayga continued: “We can have a huge impact on the lives of our cleaning professionals by making them feel like this is their career. This can also help them to integrate into society as a professional. This has the additional benefit of encouraging them to stay with Cleanzy which gives them a steady income and us the knowledge that we have the necessary resources to fulfil client contracts. Ultimately we want to change people’s perspective of the profession and make it an industry that people want to work in and work hard in because they know they’ll be rewarded.”

Retaining regular, long-term staff is a problem in the industry but Cleanzy’s model aimst to encourage company loyalty, meaning it has a reliable team of cleaning professionals to enable it to meet client demands. In Turkey they provide mammograms and medical support for their cleaners, together with childcare or schooling support.

The Cleanzy team always meets each cleaner in person to understand their background, personal stories, life commitments and approach to the job. Each Cleanzy cleaner is taken through bespoke training so that they can take pride in their work, build relationships with their clients and become a trusted member of their customer’s household.

Cleanzy.com has already raised about €3.4 million in funding from prominent venture capital investors, including Collective Spark.

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