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London-based SpotQA raises €2.9 million and launches its flagship product Virtuoso to reduce the cost of software testing by 80%

London-based automated software testing startup SpotQA is today launching its flagship product, Virtuoso, which tests web and mobile web apps to identify bugs, inconsistencies and errors, and in a fraction of the time traditional manual and automated testing takes.

Using intelligent automation powered by machine learning and robotic process automation, SpotQA claims that Virtuoso increases the speed of testing by up to 25x, bringing down the costs of QA by 80-90%.

In tandem with its product launch, SpotQA has secured a €2.9 million round of seed funding led by Crane with participation from Forward Ventures, Downing Ventures and Acequia Capital.

The first “Intelligent Quality Assistance Platform”, Virtuoso’s easy to use interface enables even non-technical personnel to automate functional, UI, and compatibility testing across web and mobile web apps faster and more effectively than even experienced QA engineers. Its highly automated, efficient testing can be used across the entire software development life cycle from specification all the way to production.

“Traditional automated testing can not keep up with customers’ demand for high quality experiences across platforms 24/7,” said Adil Mohammed, SpotQA co-founder and CEO. “So we took a different approach to solve the problem. Virtuoso combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML) to achieve significant performance gains well above the capability of traditional automated testing systems. This product will change the way modern software delivery teams test across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).”

Traditional software testing is slow, expensive, complex, and is typically siloed. Manual testing, and even existing methods of automation, have not kept pace with modern approaches to software development and devops (e.g. continuous integration/continuous development [CI/CD]).

In contrast, Virtuoso’s platform offers a suite of capabilities that makes software testing smarter, continuous, faster and accessible for web and mobile web applications. Using Virtuoso, any company doing a lot of development – from large enterprises to e-commerce – can easily test the quality and reliability of web applications and brand consistency across their web properties.

Experian, The Chemistry Group, Optionis and DXC Technologies are already using Virtuoso for functional, UI, compatibility, and integration testing.

“Virtuoso was easy to set up for our automated testing needs and was up and running immediately,” said Tomos Walters, CTO at The Chemistry Group. “The efficiency and savings it has brought has allowed us to test faster, with less resources and allowed us to focus our engineering resources on development rather than testing.”

“Our goal at Crane was to back stellar founding teams, looking to revolutionize large addressable markets with product and technology that at its core, leverages data, automation and machine intelligence – the three pillars of the transformation of the enterprise environment as we see it,” said Krishna Visvanathan, co-founder and partner at Crane Venture Partners. “SpotQA embodies this – deploying technology to upscale what skilled human software testers can achieve and delivering huge efficiency gains to a multi-billion dollar market which has long been neglected. We are thrilled to support this company as they grow and expand.”

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