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Making money while you sleep: London-based Emma Mattress is on track to make €50 million in revenue by the end of 2019

We all love a good night of sleep. And if you work at a high pressure job, like as a startup founder, it’s especially important that you get that eight hours of shut-eye. Having a great mattress can make all the difference.

London-based Emma Mattress is one of Europe’s leading mattress brands, with materials that adjust to climate and distribute pressure to keep you comfortable in any position. It would seem that good sleep is becoming more and more fashionable, as Emma has reported its largest ever revenue for the first half of 2019 in the UK, taking in €20 million between January and the end of June – a 316% increase over H1 2018.

“Emma’s 316% year-on-year growth is a testament to our profitable and sustainable business model, which focuses on product quality and clearly communicating product differentiation and function,” said co-founder Benjamin Quiroga-Rivera. “We’re sceptical of adopting unsustainable strategies and believe we have found the right recipe for long-term success. Our strong H1 2019 results are further evidence that we’re on the right track and put Emma Mattress on course to solidify its position as the UK’s leading bed-in-box-brand.”

As of 19 July 2019, the company had sold over 400k mattresses via its worldwide online channels. In the UK, Emma Mattress is expecting a turnover of €50 million for 2019, up 173% from 2018.

At the end of July, the bed-in-a-box brand will reveal a new partnership with one of the UK’s leading retailers, increasing Emma Mattress’s retail presence to over 200 stores across the country. With partners such as DFS, Carpetright, Beterbed, El Corte Ingles and La Halle au Sommeil, Emma Mattress will continue to showcase its prominence in brick-and-mortar stores throughout Europe.

“Emma Mattress continues to build an omni-channel presence that strengthens its position on the UK’s retail landscape,” said Quiroga-Rivera. “We are very excited to be soon announcing a strategic partnership with one of the UK’s most trusted retailers, and are looking forward to giving prospective customers a greater choice to interact with Emma Mattress and learn about our multi-award winning products.”

Founded in 2015, over the last 12 months Emma Mattress has not only made waves in the European market, but entered both the US and the Asian markets. The upcoming launch of the Emma mattress in Brazil will be a European bed-in-a-box brand’s first foray into South America.

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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