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London-based The Qube, a coworking space for creatives, raises €2.1 million

Out of around 14,000 flexible working spaces globally, less than 20 are dedicated music and the arts. Co-founders Amin Hamzianpour and Nicholas Sonuga launched The Qube in order to provide a vibrant community and workspace for the underserved creative sector.

The London-based coworking space for creatives has now raised a €2.1 million seed round led by the Angel CoFund, along with UK music industry veterans AEI Group and angel investors. The funding will be used to develop their 16,000 square foot flagship site ahead of its launch. The Qube is now accepting new members, and the first site will be officially launching in the autumn of 2019.

With over 30 soundproof studios under one roof, the West London premises will offer a collection of purpose-built music, podcast, photography, and video editing facilities, all catering to the needs of today’s artists and creatives. The range of packages available gives individuals a choice of flexible and affordable coworking solutions, providing members with the space, resources and network needed to write, produce and record to a professional level.

“Working as a music producer for the past five years, I have struggled tirelessly to find flexible and affordable studio space with a real sense of community,” said Amin Hamzianpour, co-founder of The Qube. “Most creators are facing this same battle; artists, podcasters, songwriters, photographers, youtubers, video editors, directors working from home or in dingy basement studios feeling isolated, with no real sense of belonging. We’ve set out to bridge that gap with Qube; a home for a new generation of creators to connect, collaborate and most importantly feel inspired to create their best work.”

“We have seen a massive expansion in the coworking market over the past few years, with a wide range of operators bringing much needed choice to serve all types of office workers, but Qube has identified that there is a lack of similar options available for the UK’s flourishing arts and creative industry,” said Tim Mills, founder partner at the Angel CoFund. “Amin and Nicholas have a clear vision, borne from their own extensive experience, to give access to tier 1 facilities for creatives across the sector, and bring people together in a vibrant environment where ideas get the best chance to thrive. The UK has an incredible creative community, and the Qube will give it space fit for the 21st century.”

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Mary Loritz
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