Estonian behavioural analytics startup Vumonic Datalabs raises €200k in pre-seed funding


Tallin-based startup Vumonic Datalabs uses AI to obtain and analyze online user behaviour data from various sources, providing clients with advanced real-time reports on customer usage patterns, competitor analysis and market shares.

The startup has announced a €200k pre-seed funding round led by United Angels VC, along with Trind VC and Startup Wise Guys. Vumonic startup plans to use the funds to hire top talent, and expand to over 40 countries.

Vumonic targets highly competitive business segments such as e-commerce, ride-hailing, food delivery, and online travel and ticketing, providing them market insights. The company launched in 2018, and is operational in Africa, Europe, and India.

“Startup Wise Guys is known for being the first believers in early stage teams. In such cases, 99% of the decision comes down to founder teams with great ambition and strong values,” said Cristobal ‘El Patron’ Alonso, Global CEO at Startup Wise Guys. “Vumonic represents this. Their rapid growth is a testament to our acceleration process, as well as the strong will of Gabriel, Aravind, and the Vumonic team. Keep an eye on Vumonic as they drive growth towards their next round.”

“Our mission is to serve market intelligence data to the world’s leading online businesses by applying non-traditional, cutting-edge technologies to classical market research problems,” said Gabriel Appleton, co-founder of Vumonic. “Today’s ride-hailing, food delivery, travel/ticketing, and e-commerce markets are highly competitive and expanding internationally at a rapid rate. We provide our clients with a massive leg-up against the competition. Using our data and insights, companies can strategize much more effectively.”

Vumonic has faced a number of challenges along its journey, from adhering to strict GDPR data processing standards to designing elaborate, scalable, and secure systems for storing huge quantities of data. The startup has already attracted notable talent by bringing on one of India’s leading data scientists, with over twenty years’ experience at Nielsen.