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10 Amsterdam-based startups to look out for in 2019 and beyond

Finding the right hotel has never been easier with Booking.com, and no one even remembers how we sent files before WeTransfer. What these two have in common is that they share Amsterdam as their headquarters. And for good reason – this bike-friendly city has also been friendly to the startup community, with a progressive environment, diverse workforce, innovative spirit, top-notch universities and an excellent startup business climate.

The following 10 startups are taking advantage of that and we might be hearing a lot about them in 2019.

Crisp is an app-only grocery delivery service launched in November 2018 in the Netherlands. This first and one of a kind app-only supermarket focuses on quality food from more than 200 local producers and its current offer consists of vegetables, fruit, super fresh fish, handmade pasta, over sixty cheeses, eighty wines, and award-winning pancakes. On a mission to make better quality food available to more people with its app, Crisp makes sure your food is delivered the next day, six days a week.

Digital Insurance Group – Created in 2017 through the merger of two European insurtech companies, Knip and Komparu, DIG operates a digital insurance platform, designed to disrupt insurance across the world. Aimed at insurers, banks and brokers, DIG enables them to digitally distribute insurance to their customers and offers solutions like data-driven and contextual propositions, mobile apps, customer portals, and digital bancassurance technology. Backed by top US and European VC investors, the startup has raised so far €15 million to expand beyond Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Dott is a shared electric scooter platform, currently operating on the streets of Paris, Brussels, Lyon, and Milan. With a number of companies competing in the micro-mobility market, Dott stands out with its focus on safety, stating that their scooters have wider wheels for better grip, wider decks for more stability, a double brake system for safety, and a speed cap at 20km/h. As of June 2019, the package also includes insurance coverage. In July 2019 Dott raised an additional €30 million Series A funding round, bringing the total funding to €56 million, only a year after its launch.

Bunq – The Dutch response to the emerging trend of challenger banks is Bunq. Founded in 2015 by Ali Niknam, the fintech startup calls itself the “Bank of the Free” and offers a range of online financial services, from opening up an account in less than five minutes, sharing bills, making payments to tracking group expenses, the latest addition to the app’s features, introduced in July 2019. The mobile bank is removing borders and barriers in traditional banking across Europe at record speed. 

Quicargo is a real-time transportation platform connecting trucks with unused cargo space. The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and congestion on the road, as half of the trucks on European roads are partially empty. Quicargo uses a pricing and matching algorithm that finds the best match between a shipper and a carrier. Founded in 2016, Quicargo was selected in the top three “digital freight platforms” in Europe by Frost & Sullivan for their sustainable solution for the transportation industry.

Close – Described as the “WhatsApp for events” app, Close has developed a mobile marketing platform, connecting event organizers with visitors. Via a chat-based app, Close shares exclusive information with visitors before, during, and after the event, such as personal messages or a sneak preview of the show. At the same time, it provides client data to organizers, which enables them to better serve visitors. Founded in 2017, the startup raised €3 million from Disruptive Technology Ventures in April 2019 to provide this personalized customer journey to customers all over Europe.

Office-AppOffice App is an office management platform, offering more than 45 modular functionalities in services, community engagement, room and desk booking, catering, maintenance requests, amenities, visitor registration, and more. At the same time, landlords can track data about the building and use it to make their properties more attractive to tenants. Founded in 2015, the startup has offices in Amsterdam, Toronto, and London, and HP, Dell, UBS, BNP Paribas already rely on Office App to run their offices effortlessly. The startup recently raised €4.3 million to expand its office management platform.

Polarsteps –  Imagine having someone following you on your travels, and uploading your notes and pictures on a webpage so your friends and family can follow along. You can imagine, it’s Polarsteps. The automated travel blogging app will automatically track your route and places you’ve visited and creates your own beautiful travel journal. Beyond having a single platform to house the “entire travel experience”, Polarsteps is a huge source of inspiration for your next travels.

5miles-logo5miles – Skills needed at the workplace are constantly changing. 5miles helps companies and their employees to grow and meet new challenges by offering daily micro-learning opportunities for professionals to improve their data, analytical, and presentation skills in just five minutes a day. 5miles challenges are primarily based on Excel, and are adapted to the employee’s individual level. The startup already counts several multinationals among its clients including ABN AMRO, Achmea and KPMG. Founded in 2015, the startup has just attracted €750k from angel investors.

Woov – We all love music festivals, and all of us have spent hours trying to find our friends in the crowd or looking for the right stage to see our favorite band. But now we got help. Woov is the new festival companion app, designed to help festivals lovers navigate the festival site, locate their friends real-time, check out who is playing at which stage etc. At the same time, the festival organizers get a new channel of communication with the visitors and thus improving the whole festival experience.

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