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InsurTech startups: Apply now to join the third cohort of the Lloyd’s Lab in London! (Sponsored)

The third cohort of the Lloyd’s Lab is focussed on the Future At Lloyd’s programme and aimed at startups with the ability to populate Lloyd’s ecosystem of services, including services relevant to the Next Generation Claims Service and the Syndicate in a Box.

Do you have proprietary data which would be of value to the insurance market, can you help with on-demand pricing models, or claims solutions which can quickly deliver benefits to the Lloyd’s market? If so, apply now to join the the 10-week programme!

You are likely to be a later-stage startup, you’ve probably completed your Series A funding round and have the beginnings of a track record. You have the team on hand to deal with the complexities of a global market, from legal expertise through to support. Last but not leas, your technical capability is modern, scalable, and continually being developed.

You want to join the Lloyd’s Lab to present your solution, figure out how it will blend into the Lloyd’s ecosystem, and work with Lloyd’s mentors from multiple managing agents to demonstrate how effective it can be through a proof of concept or pilot project. Lloyd’s Lab and their ecosystem of services will provide a platform for you to easily access the Lloyd’s market and to grow your business.

Here are some examples of the type of services Lloyd’s Lab is looking for:

  • Data sharing and new sources of insight
  • Pricing, risk quantification and product development
  • Next Generation Claims
  • Reducing the burden of compliance and regulation

The application phase closes on the 4th of July. Apply now!

Selected startups will then be invited for the pitch day (July 31), and the 10-week programme with the finalists will start on the 2nd of September. On November 13, there will be a Demo Day, where you’ll show the progress you made during the 10 weeks and where you present your proposal for future engagement with the Lloyd’s market.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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