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Female-founded Finnish fashion tech startup NOMI launches new shopping platform based on your personal style

Finnish fashion tech startup NOMI has launched a totally new shopping platform where women can discover their own personal style and shop accordingly.

Founded by four young women, NOMI’s platform uses a picture-based questionnaire to discover each user’s style, and offers them a personalized selection of products based on their results.

“The selection online is huge these days and to find the products that match your style, you might have to go through thousands of products,” said CEO Nea Harjanne. “It just felt crazy that we all, with very different styles, have to shop from the same selection. The technology that is available today finally allows us to curate the selection for each customer.”

NOMI has been conducting customer research with hundreds of users to determine the best way to recognize a person’s style using machine learning, and the service will be constantly improved based on customer feedback. Products are gathered from different online stores and featured on NOMI’s platform, enabling every customer to access an online store just for them.

“To build something new is always exciting for a developer, but to be a part of something that no one else has yet cracked is highly motivating,” added Hilde Fredriksson, aco-founder and Head of Development at NOMI. “From the start I knew that creating a system that accurately understands fashion styles the way humans do and connecting that to a working recommendation system would be very challenging, if not impossible. Where we are now is just the very first step, but we’re definitely on the right path. I would be lying if I said I haven’t enjoyed every moment.”

The founding team consists of four women in their early twenties from Helsinki, Finland, who have been working on the project since May 2018. All of the founders bring different skills to the table – from business to IT and social media marketing. The founders previously worked together for a small online clothing store in a very niche market, giving them valuable experience and a hunger for new ideas.

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