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Be part of the future of print technology at dna: drupa next age 2020 (Sponsored)

Something new is produced by genetic reshuffling. This basic principle of evolution also holds true of technology as an unconventional synthesis of existing approaches leading to innovation. Things become particularly productive when great minds that otherwise have little in common swap ideas.

A world’s leading trade fair such as drupa (16-26 June 2020) is an ideal meeting point that brings the crème de la crème of the printing and packaging industry together. Held every 4 years in Düsseldorf (Germany), it attracts over 260,000 visitors from 183 countries.

The organizers are creating a new special area to attract the right experts: dna – drupa next age. This special show-in-show in hall 7 will focus on content that is relevant for the industry’s future and will encourage a productive exchange between global players, startups and innovative SMEs:

  1. Advanced Manufacturing/Digital Direct Manufacturing (3D, DTS, 3D-printed electronics, bio-based materials, recycling)
  2. AI & Robotics (4D, DTS)
  3. New Materials (Functional and intelligent materials, 4D materials, biodegradable and compostable materials, bioinspired materials)
  4. Bioprinting
  5. New Business Models (Manufacturing on site and demand, e-commerce platforms, smart logistics)

This special show will separated into areas for startups and already-established companies (so-called «technology leaders»). While startups will be placed in the «Inner Circle», technology leaders will showcase their products and services in the «Outer Circle».


The objective of the show-in-show is to foster an active dialogue between new and established in order to pave the way for cooperation, exchange of ideas and creativity.

Apart from showcasing innovative products and services, there will be a conference program featuring panel discussions, speeches and interactive presentations, all hailing from the 5 areas of dna. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their product/service during this program.

An important aspect of dna is that the exhibitors will not exclusively hail from the print sector, but also from any other area which utilizes graphic print, i.e. medicine, pharmaceuticals, architecture and design, etc.

In this respect, dna will represent the full range of the print industry: Today, Tomorrow, and The Day-after-tomorrow!

  • “Today” is described as innovative print technologies for graphic printing that is being used at the present time.
  • “Tomorrow” refers to print technologies for graphic printing with new materials, i.e. bioprinting, software solutions, additive manufacturing, 3D-printing in different usages outside of graphic printing.
  • “The Day-after-tomorrow” symbolizes print technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. These technologies originally derive from applied graphic printing and are developing in vital sectors such as medicine and pharmaceuticals.

It is important to consider that many of these additive manufacturing ideas deriving from inkjet technology are growing sectors and will continue to grow in future.

dna will showcase these future technologies and processes without rejecting the “today” side and the commercial background of exhibitors. The balancing act between the commercial “today” and the future investments is the main challenge here.

Participants will contribute their DNA and enrich the technological gene pool of the printing and packaging industry and thus continually feeding its progress. This meeting point will become a nucleus for new technologies and innovation, because swapping ideas, fusing know-how and the smart integration of new technologies always begins with encounters between people. These encounters will have a new home at drupa 2020: dna – drupa next age.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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