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Barcelona-based Onna Technologies raises €9.8 million for its internal enterprise search engine

Barcelona-based Onna, a startup that centralizes proprietary information, has raised a €9.8 million Series A funding round to grow its central information access product.  This investment follows a previous seed funding round of $5 million, raised in October 2017.

Onna’s mission is to make proprietary information accessible, useful and private. Top brands like Facebook, Electronic Arts, Dropbox, and Fitbit use the platform for legal discovery, compliance, knowledge management, and enterprise search.

The round was led by Dawn Capital, with participation from Dropbox, the Slack Fund, and existing early investor, Nauta Capital. Norman Fiore, General Partner at Dawn Capital, will join Onna’s Board. Norman has invested in several of Europe’s leading SaaS businesses including Mimecast [MIME], Collibra and Showpad.

“Information and tools people use at work are increasingly fragmented and it’s often difficult to search, locate and secure documents spread across the many tools we use,” said Lev Finkelstein, VP of Corporate Finance and Strategy at Dropbox. “Like Dropbox, Onna is on a mission to help fix that. We’ve gotten to know Onna over time, as both a partner and a customer, and have been impressed with their thought leadership, technology, and use of AI to improve information search across multiple platforms.”

“Helping employees find, organize and protect crucial business information when it sits across all these apps is a big challenge,” said Norman Fiore, General Partner at Dawn Capital. “Onna’s solution has already seen great traction in eDiscovery with a legal use case, with annual recurring revenue having more than tripled over the past year.”  

“Our technology consists of bringing several disruptive technologies together,” said Salim Elkhou, Onna founder and CEO. “We created three distinct innovative frameworks that make Onna what it is today (i) one that synchronizes modern databases with fast search indexes, deriving the benefits from both, mainly in speed and security, (ii) a second that communicates with all connected systems and monitors changes across billions of files and communication channels, and (iii) a modernly architected processing platform that goes very deep across virtually any data type or language, also allowing customers to use Tensorflow models of their choosing. These frameworks are built on a containerized microservices architecture, shipped in a Kubernetes container deployable in our cloud or the customer’s private or on-prem cloud. 

“Our vision is to enable the enterprise and its people with their information, by centralizing it, organizing and feeding it to user authorized applications. We give our customers an open API to integrate any data source, drop in any ML model and finally connect to any workflow or application.” 

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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