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Top 10 European foodtech startups that will fill your tummy

From having your food delivered to your doorstep to building a zero-food-waste society, food startups have entered the innovation space and transformed the way we look at food. We are focusing more on our health and take care of the environment, we want to enjoy food but have time for other things, we hate to wait and we want to try out new things. Well, all this is available with the help of technology and the following 10 foodtech startups have leveraged it to fulfill our needs.

Taster – Born under the name Mission Food, Taster is a delivery-only food brand, which builds its own chain of restaurants with a curated menu and an unprecedented focus on food. Founded by Anton Soulier, Taster’s dishes are prepared in less than 5 minutes, recovered by Deliveroo or other local delivery platforms and delivered in less than 20 minutes on average. Since their establishment in 2017 they are offering the perfect combination of taste, convenience, health, and price in Paris, Lille and Madrid.

Too Good To Go – The Copenhagen-based food sharing app connects customers to restaurants and stores that have unsold, surplus food, which would go to waste if not used. Founded in 2016, Too Good To Go is on a mission to eliminate food waste and so far they have been doing quite well. Just recently they hit their 10 million meal milestone, their Waste Warriors community is growing by the minute and their ‘Magic Bags’ have so far saved 27,256 tonnes of CO2.

Allplants – Allplants is a vegan ready-meal delivery and subscription service based in London, delivering healthy, chef-made, plant-based, nutritionally designed meals, that can be heated up at home. Since it was founded in 2017, the award-winning healthy living food brand has served over 500,000 meals to homes all over the UK and is slowly taking plant-based eating mainstream.

Ekim – This french startup is developing a 24-hour, completely automated, fresh pizza kiosks, where PAZZI, an autonomous robot would satisfy your need for an extra large Margherita. With a 30-second execution speed, PAZZI could be an excellent addition to train stations, airports, shopping centers, or campuses. In 2018 the company raised €2.2 million and first restaurants are due to open in 2019 where in addition to pizza, PAZZI will offer drinks, desserts and salads as well.

Huel A portmanteau of “human fuel”, Huel is a London-based startup that produces and sells “nutritionally complete” powder as a meal replacement, along with some ready-to-drink drinks, granola and bars. Coming in various flavors, the powder consists of a mixture of protein, carbohydrate and fiber and the company has sold over 40+ million meals so far, as part of a growing trend among the health-conscious people.

Keatz – The Berlin-based startup is part of the growing trend of cloud kitchens, which prepare and distribute food through local platforms such as Deliveroo, UberEats, JustEat and Glovo. Currently operating in Berlin, Madrid, Munich and Barcelona, the startup is focusing purely on food “made for delivery,” with a delivery time of no more than 15 min. With around €20M in funding, Keatz could be the frontrunner in this new urban food service.

Simple Feast – The Danish ready-to-eat meal delivery startup was founded in 2015, with the mission to build the “most sustainable meal service on the planet.” They deliver weekly boxes with three prepared plant-based and 100 percent organic meals ready to be served in 10 minutes. To help its customers give up or at least reduce consumption of meat the company has even launched a “Quit Meat” helpline.

Feedr – Feedr is connecting food vendors with the workforce of today. With rising trends in eating healthier food, companies now have the opportunity to fully or partly subsidize their employees’ food, allowing their staff to have healthy, fresh and personalized meals for under £5 per day through Feedr. Airbnb, Etsy, DHL and PwC have already opted for Feedr instead of building their own canteens.

Eatwith – The perfect traveling app for food lovers. EatWith offers authentic food experiences organized by hand-picked locals, available to pick from the social eating platform. Learn how to cook lasagna at Mario’s, try a local variety of paella Jose, or simply use any other opportunity available to immerse yourself into the local cuisine and culture. Since 2013 the app has brought people together through food in over 130 countries and 5 000 culinary experiences.

Feed – The Paris-based foodtech startup Feed sells complete, balanced, nutritionally perfect meals-in-a-bottle, which are gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and non-GMO. Marketed as a healthy alternative for busy people, their drinks, bars and sachets are available from as little as €2.40 and quite popular as well. With around €20M in funding, Feed is joining the smart food revolution.

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