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Porsche launches ‘Mobility for a Better world’ idea competition (Sponsored)

Porsche is launching a new initiative to kick-start sustainable, innovative mobility startups. The Stuttgart-based luxury sports car manufacturer is looking for fresh ideas and technology for the sustainable future of mobility in the form of an idea competition, ‘Mobility for a Better World’. Startups and innovators can apply until August 30 2019.

Startups, students, and developers can now submit their projects. Participants will be eligible to receive a total of €20k, and will additionally receive educational support and development support in cooperation with the Porsche Digital Lab and the APX accelerator. The deadline for submitting ideas is August 30 2019, and the winners will be announced during Porsche Sustainability Week in October.

“We at Porsche are actively shaping the future of the sports car. This means that we combine our traditions and the company’s values with innovative technology and new products in a sustainable manner,” said Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche AG. “Our goal is to be the most sustainable sports car manufacturer in the premium segment and to decisively shape sporting mobility for the environment, people and their living spaces. We are thinking above all of future generations.”

Focus on technology, mobility and sustainability

‘Mobility for a Better World’ is a competition at the intersection of technology, mobility, and sustainability, looking for visions of future sustainability. Creative ideas and solutions, regardless of their degree of maturity, can be submitted under the four categories of ‘People’, ‘Wheels’, ‘Cities’ and ‘Trust’ via an application form on Porsche’s technology blog.

The projects submitted will be evaluated by a jury of experts, consisting of Daniela Rathe (Head of Policy and External Relations at Porsche), Anja Hendel (Head of the Porsche Digital Lab), Thomas Bachem (Founder & Chancellor of CODE University of Applied Sciences), Robert Martin (Porsche Digital / APX), Franz W. Rother (Editor-in-Chief EDISON) and Patrick Bungard (Director Center for Advanced Sustainable Management at Cologne Business School and Managing Director M3TRIX).

Robert Martin, Anja Hendel, Thomas Bachem and Daniela Rathe

The prizes for the four winners include €5k per category, a comprehensive educational package focusing on AI and blockchain, as well as specific support from the Porsche Digital Lab and the Berlin Accelerator APX.

Applicants over 18 years of age are eligible, either as a team or an individual and the competition is being pitched internationally. Further information on the categories, partners and ideas will be published by Porsche in the coming weeks on its ‘Next Level German Engineering’ technology blog and the Porsche Newsroom.

Strong Partners: CODE, APX, EDISON and the Porsche Digital Lab

Porsche has won renowned support for its ‘Mobility for a Better World’ competition. Its university partner is CODE Berlin, a private and completely new university for the digital pioneers of tomorrow. APX, the accelerator of Porsche and Axel Springer, brings founder and growth expertise, supporting startups in the early stages of their company foundation and accelerating their development. The Porsche Digital Lab focuses on testing new technology with a focus on AI, blockchain and IoT. The media partner of the ideas competition for sustainable mobility is EDISON, the platform for new mobility and smart living.

‘Mobility for a better world’ is an idea competition at the interface of technology, mobility and sustainability, dealing with the pertinent question of our visions of mobility for the future. You can apply now with your project.

Porsche and Sustainability

Porsche is committed to a responsible approach to people, the environment and society along the value chain, from suppliers to product recycling, and incorporates social responsibility into its corporate strategy. Its aim is to introduce measures over entire product lifecycles that will not only  increase the company’s added value, but take ecological and social responsibility into account. Porshe’s priority has been to continuously reduce the negative environmental impact of its business processes and products.

You can find detailed information on sustainability management and the company’s strategy, as well as on the aspects of stakeholder dialogue and key figures, in Porsche’s Annual Report and Sustainability Report.

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