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10 Mallorca-based startups to watch in 2019 and beyond!

The past 10 days I was in Mallorca. To be honest, mostly for holidays and to re-charge after organising this year’s EU-Startups Summit, but I also couldn’t help to take a short look at the startup ecosystem of the island.

Let’s be clear: Mallorca isn’t a major hub for startups and tech, but the ecosystem seems to be moving the right direction. After speaking to a few local players on the island and also after getting some valuable tips from the Mallorca Tech Newsletter, I’m happy to introduce you to 10 promising Mallorca-based startups that are currently kicking ass. Here they are:

Essentialist-logoEssentialist: Founded in 2016, Essentialist is a private club for passionate travellers that curates memorable travel experiences. The Palma-based startup offers a new concept in travel design, drawing upon the expert insider knowledge of their team of travel and lifestyle journalists, travel specialists and the latest digital technology. The platform is an intuitive tool for accessing itineraries, making travel planning related changes, and for adding special opportunities.

Damavis-logoDamavis: Specialized in data management, Damavis is helping their clients to identify the company’s raw data, extract new knowledge from it, go through the processes of storage, processing and information enrichment. Damavis was founded in 2018 and offers services that revolve around the life cycle of the data and the company’s ability to extract the greatest value from it, like Data Lake services and Data Warehouse, generation of Machine Learning models that can respond to business needs in real time and enable a exploratory analysis of the data.

Hustle-Got-Real-logoHustle Got Real is an e-commerce SaaS startup that helps its users to build a drop shipping store in eBay, Amazon, etc. by picking from their database of providers. Founded in 2018, the Hustle Got Real software counts on features that automate the experience, such as pricing, inventory management, image optimisation, bulk listing, mobile optimisation, etc, making it more easy, simple and effective to do sales.

NuMat-MedtechNuMat Medtech: Founded in 2017, the biotech startup focuses on developing a pipeline of products based on innovative biomaterials for boneanchored devices. NuMat Medtech is working to address the main problems related to the use of dental implants, orthopaedic prosthesis, scaffolds and bone filling devices for reconstruction and regeneration in bone. Their technology aims to reduce infections and inflammation, improve tissue regeneration around the implant, modulation of the osseo-integrative properties and reduction of the risk of rejection.

OpenRoom-logoOpenRoom is specialised in providing technology and talents to hotels in order to increase sales and rentability. Founded in 2016, OpenRoom’s main product is a booking engine, which offers a very simple and intuitive platform for guests to book their stay. The software not only improves the user experience but also offers cross-selling and a CRM to optimise the relationship between the hotel and its clients. OpenRoom also offers web solutions, online marketing and social media strategy to its clients.

Kinacu-logoKinacu was founded in 2017 and offers solutions for sports club and its users, bringing them on the same platform. The app let users have access to a calendar of bookings, statistics of club’s incomes as well as of the performances of the facilities. Once a new club is set-up, all users will be able to book their facilities and invite their friends. The dashboard is fully compatible with smart devices that allowing the system to automatically open courts doors for users, straight from the app.

yourttoo-logoYourttoo is a multi-day trip consolidator, connecting travel agencies with inbound services operators who provide various products and inventory. The multidisciplinary team started out in 2015 and focuses on the B2B travel space. Yourttoo is basically offering a marketplace platform which enables clients extend beyond just agencies and tour operators.

Whin-logoWHIN: Based in Mallorca and Menorca, WHIN was founded in 2019 with the goal to improve the way hotel management happens. The startup does that with a software that saves time of hotel staff and helps to avoid mistakes by automating repetitive tasks such as booking and cancellation management, price and availability updates, validation of cards (etc.). Apart from that, WHIN also provides an open API, making it easier to integrate and add new tools without the support of technical experts.

bluekiri-logoBluekiri designs, deploys and manages the cloud architecture of its clients. The tech startup was founded in 2017 and ensures optimal performance of servers and applications by identifying the most demanding processes and components of your infrastructure and fine tuning them thanks to specialized teams. Bluekiri focuses on creating a strategy for enterprise-grade growth and excellence, choosing to implement effective performance management to create real well-planned solutions.

Fastpayhotels-logoFastpayhotels strengthen the relationship between hotels and travel agencies. Its simple distribution platform makes it easier for hotels to give the best rates and availability to agents by paying the hotels on the day of booking at a lower cost, without the threat of cancelation or modification. Founded in 2016, the startup’s core product is called B2B Evolves – an innovative tech platform for hotels and travel agencies.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr is the "Editor in Chief" of EU-Startups.com and started the blog in October 2010. He is excited about Europe's future, passionate about new business ideas and lives in Barcelona (Spain).


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