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EDP, L Marks, and ACE launch new global Starter Acceleration Program for the Energy Sector (Sponsored)

EDP, one of Europe’s major electricity operators, has announced a partnership with innovation specialists L Marks and ACE to launch a global series of accelerators that will open up EDP’s operations in Spain, Brazil and the US to startups from across the globe to present and trial their technologies.

Building on the success of previous innovation programs, the Starter Acceleration Program will enable EDP to find promising new technologies and innovative ideas focused in six categories: client focused solutions, digital innovation, energy storage, clean energy, smart grids, and innovative internal processes.

“This program is the fastest gateway by which a startup can do proofs of concept with us,” said Luis Santos, Head of Innovation of EDP Spain. “We offer companies the possibility to validate their products and services in a real environment with a tractor client of the scope of EDP. Participation in the Starter Acceleration Program is an excellent opportunity to grow together with a global energy company.”

The global call for startups has now begun, and the first module will take place in Madrid in June, the second in São Paulo in July, and the third in Houston in September. The final event will take place in Lisbon in November. L Marks will be leading the operations in Spain, Portugal and the US, while ACE will lead the project in Brazil.

Applications are open until 6th May 2019 at 23:59 EST. Click here to apply now, and find more information about the program below.

Program Timeline:

  • 1st April: Applications Open
  • 6th May: Applications close at 23:59 EST
  • 25th May: Startup Selection completed
  • 18th – 20th June: Program live in Madrid, Spain
  • 15th – 19th July: Program live in São Paulo, Brazil
  • 9th – 14th September: Program live in Houston, United States
  • November: Grand Finale in Lisbon, Portugal

Benefits of the program:

  • A chance to test your solution in the energy sector in partnership with EDP
  • Access to a wider pool of mentors and experts matched to your unique requirements
  • The Opportunity to grow your network within global energy sector
  • Input, feedback and insight into your product/service and business
  • Time to develop a relevant proof of concept with senior stakeholders
  • Potential investment by EDP Ventures

EDP has identified the following main themes and is keen to work with startups innovating in these categories:

Client Focused Solutions

EDP’s main focus is the development of solutions that enhance its customer relations, simplifying their life and anticipating their needs. EDP is greatly interested in solutions that increase the energy supply and promote energy efficiency. Examples of this are e-mobility, decentralized energy systems or energy management systems, always with a solid digital layer to boost new business models and new revenue streams.

Digital Innovation

The Digital area focuses on data collection, extracting value from it, keeping it secure and leveraging cloud computing resources and other emerging technologies. EDP is looking for startups with solutions in five digital vectors:

  • Big Data platforms to crunch data through batch or streaming methods
  • Machine Learning applied to specific energy challenges
  • Cybersecurity boosted by Machine Learning
  • Leverage cloud computing and develop expertise on the big players cloud products/architecture and on private clouds
  • Enhance knowledge of potential disruptive emergent technologies

Energy Storage

Storage is becoming one of the most important components of power generation, distribution, and consumption management. Efficient and cost-effective storage is the next hurdle to overcome before increased penetration of renewable energy in the grid can be achieved. EDP is looking for startups that could help to improve energy storage technologies, design and optimization tools for energy storage integration, preventative and predictive analytics for energy storage technologies, management of systems and platforms for energy storage and DER integration, energy storage solutions for behind the meter residential and C&I, solutions for electrical vehicles and more.

Clean Energy

Clean Energy focuses on new renewable energy technologies (solar, wind, wave and other resources), new retrofitting technologies to improve renewable energy generation assets’ performance, solutions to improve energy generation operations & maintenance and asset management, solutions to improve resilience and flexibility of renewable energy sources, and new business models for the energy sector.

Smart Grids

The smart grids group works in cooperation with EDP’s distribution infrastructure business units to make the distribution grids an enabler and a promoter of energy innovation, making sure that its central role in the energy system meets the needs of the new energy world. This area focuses on support distribution business units in the identification and early adoption of technologies that improve the infrastructures technical and economic efficiency; keep the distribution grid up to date with the sector’s emerging needs.

Innovative Internal Processes

We also seek solutions for EDP’s internal challenges, companies that can support in the areas such as: finance, legal, management, human resources, and marketing, with solutions for workflows, deal flows and the like.

“We couldn’t be happier with the evolution from several local startup acceleration initiatives to a unique global program, setting the bar even higher for EDP Group,” said Carla Pimenta, Head of Startup Engagement of EDP Portugal. “We believe that this is the way to go, as we are looking for new business models and new services that can be adopted and integrated in our business units, spread in 15 different countries. More than ever, partnerships between EDP and startups are reaching exciting results towards innovation and the evolution of the power and energy industry.”

“EDP Brazil has been developing the local entrepreneurial ecosystem in the past two years and in 2019 with the globalization of the Starter program, powered by ACE and LMarks, we will have a great opportunity to reach the most incredible startups from all over the world and also reinforce LATAM startups,” Livia Brando, Head of Strategy & Innovation of EDP Brazil. “We are very excited and looking forward to see new solutions for the energy sector!”

“We are excited to be working with both EDP and ACE to launch this new global initiative where we will both discover and implement startup technologies across the world,” Daniel Saunders, Chief Executive of L Marks. “From Madrid to São Paulo and from Houston to Lisbon, this unique series of boot-camps and pilots will create meaningful relationships and transformative experiences enabling technological advances across the global energy industry.”

“We are very pleased to be EDP’s exclusive LATAM partner and being able to help them explore new business models, markets and ventures,” said Pedro Waengertner, Founder and Partner of ACE. “We strongly support every company that’s looking to work with the best technology partner’s no matter where they are in the world. This approach allows us to bring the best talents and ideas, keeping a fast market validation. The power and energy industry, added with the pace of technology, represents an opportunity to build a valuable relationship.”

If you’re interested in being a part of the program, visit the website for more information and apply by 6th May 2019!

Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
Mary served as Head of Content at EU-Startups.com from November 2018 until November 2019. She is an experienced journalist and researcher covering tech and business topics.

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