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10 European startups that will help you manage your business

At EU-Startups, we see so many startups with the intent or potential to support other startups. By using services from other startups, we can strengthen our own teams and the entire ecosystem, with solutions that improve efficiency and collaboration, employee recruitment and training practices, save time for founders, and save your startup money.

Whatever problem your startup or business faces, big or small, there is bound to be another startup that has set out to help you solve it. So what are you waiting for? Scale your business by using the available solutions provided for you by the greater European startup ecosystem, which is made up of over 23 million SMEs – 90% of which employ 10 employees or less, and need fast, affordable solutions. By working together, we go farther.

Here are 10 European startups that are specifically meant to help startups and organisations improve their workflows, communication, recruitment, training, operations, finances, legal issues, and more. 

sortlistFounded in 2014, Belgian startup Sortlist has billed itself the ‘Match.com of the marketing & communication industry’. Its platform allows businesses around the world to easily find marketing, communication, or digital agencies that meet their specific needs. Its multi-criteria searching tool is linked to professional networks and peer-to-peer recommendations to help marketing managers find the best agencies for them in minutes. The best part? It’s 100% free for users. With offices in Belgium, France and Spain, the platform is available to companies worldwide in five languages, and major companies such as New Balance, LinkedIn, Disney, and Audi have used its services.

qontoParis-based Qonto is a neobank for SMEs and freelancers. Since launching in 2017, Qonto has already signed up more than 40,000 companies, helping business owners to save time with streamlined account opening and accounting exports; gain control over their finances with real-time notifications, bookkeeping software, and expense management features; and improve visibility on cash-flows with smart dashboards and auto-tagged transactions. Qonto’s services are 100% online, and businesses can open an account in just five minutes starting at just €9/month. Qonto was ranked as one of the global fintech “50 Emerging Stars”​ by KPMG & H2 Ventures, and has already raised €32 million. We interviewed its CEO Alexandre Prot in 2018, and he will be joining us to speak on our Future of Finance panel at the EU-Startups Summit on May 2-3.

attestFounded in 2015 in London, Attest is on a mission to ensure that ‘all companies can put real consumers and data at the heart of every decision’. What do consumers think about your brand? Do they even know it? What do they like and dislike about your competitors? How are consumer preferences changing? Attest promises to answer all these questions through its scalable intelligence platform. On the platform, hundreds of brands and agencies connect every day with an audience of 100 million consumers across 80 different countries to test their marketing strategies, better understand their customers, innovate to meet their needs, and ultimately, grow their businesses.

holdedBarcelona-based startup Holded has created a “Business Operating System”, designed to help business owners manage every aspect of their business from a single platform. The Business Operating System provides clients with services from financial management such as accounting and invoicing to HR, CRM, and project and inventory management. Holded’s customisable platform also offers e-commerce integrations with the likes of Amazon, Paypal, and Shopify, while automating core business tasks. Prices are made for startups, with a basic free plan, a €10/month plan for two people, and €150/month “Hero” plan for 10 people. Founded in 2016, Holded just raised a €6 million Series A round led by Lakestar.

360learningParis-based workforce engagement platform 360Learning allows leaders and learners to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge across organisations. On its platform, anyone can create a course, make it look compelling, and share it with their community of coworkers. Learners collaborate in social environments, participate in learning communities, and are actively engaged in the content, because it’s bite-sized, collaborative, and fun. Plans for startups start at just €8 per user. Founded in 2013, 360Learning has just raised €36.5 million in a Series B investment round.

personioMunich-based startup Personio is an HR and recruiting platform that allows companies to digitise all HR processes across the employee life-cycle. Founded in 2015, Personio targets SMEs, and already has more than 1,000 clients in 35 countries using its platform for their HR and recruiting processes. In total, Personio manages over 150,000 employees, along with several hundred thousand applicants. Personio’s cloud-based product “The HR operating system” lets HR managers store, process, and manage all employee data through one solution, covering all core HR processes, including recruiting, absences, and payroll. The startup raised a Series B round of €35 million in January 2019.

futrliUK-based startup Futrli is a financial forecasting platform for SMEs. Through a powerful suite of reporting, budgeting, cash flow forecasting and predictive modelling tools, SMEs can use Futrli’s platform to plan for the future, get a grip on cash flow, and see how their business is performing in real time. For accountants working with SMEs, Futrli’s CPD-accredited Advisory Certification course helps them achieve their advisory potential. Founded by Hannah Dawson in 2014, Futrli (pronounced future-lee) already supports over 40,000 businesses and 1,000 accountants in 130 countries with its cloud-based platform to help small businesses make decisions and take actions that lead to success.

factrisBased in the Netherlands, Factris was founded with the goal of helping European SMEs by handling their invoices so they can concentrate on the real work. Factris is an online invoice factoring platform providing businesses with needed liquidity by buying their unpaid invoices in exchange for a 0.5% fee per invoice. Backed by Speedinvest, Factris turns invoices into cash in 24 hours, leaving behind happy customers.

TravelPerk-logo-2017Founded in 2015, Barcelona-based TravelPerk allows companies to book business trips for their employees in 10 minutes – a process which previously could take hours. On its platform, companies can search, book, and manage trips, while automating spending limits and travel policies – saving time and cutting travel costs for businesses by more than 20%. We interviewed TravelPerk’s CEO Avi Meir last December, who will be joining us as a speaker at our EU-Startups Summit on May 2-3.

callalawyerBusinesses regularly need legal counsel, but most startups don’t have a lawyer on retainer. Founded in 2016, Call A Lawyer is a mobile app that immediately connects users to a lawyer for an initial telephone consultation of 20 minutes. The app allows private individuals and businesses to connect with a network of over 500 lawyers from all over France in every area of legal expertise. The startup also offers subscriptions for startups to access legal advice suited to their immediate needs in every domain of law, provided by relevant and carefully selected lawyers, all in a few clicks. So far only available in France, hopefully similar solutions will expand to other countries soon to provide easy to access legal counsel to startups across Europe.

By the way: If you’re a corporate or investor looking for exciting startups in a specific market for a potential investment or acquisition, check out our Startup Sourcing Service!

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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