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Techie Paradise: How to attract technological talent to your company

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Technological profiles are becoming increasingly commonplace in all companies, big and small, across all industries. The factor of technological know-how is getting stronger by the day, and is becoming increasingly necessary in all sectors. As such, being able to attract new technological talents, or people who aim to develop these skills, is highly important for your company. By doing so, you will ensure that your company will never be lacking in innovation, that its limits are more easily stretched, and that your mind will be curious and constantly learning about the world of technology.

Here are 5 tips to help you attract technological talent:

1. Make your interest in technology evident

You should practically demonstrate why you are interested in technology, giving your company a profile and some attributes which highlight it. Talk about the key role that you envisage technology playing in your company. Show your future talent the technologies that you already have in your company. For example, you could show him/her videos to reinforce your technological profile.

2. Be flexible and adopt a technology-focused methodology

If you’re looking to employ someone who works in a certain way or who is interested in certain concepts, it is you who needs to adapt first. You should provide the future employee with flexible working hours and easy ways of connecting remotely, while showing an openness to adopting new software, methodologies and programs. Doing so will show them that your company is a workplace that is open to innovation and technological changes.

3. Give a voice to your team

If you’re looking for a more technological focus, the first thing you need to do is explain why you are interested in this profile. The best way to do this is by giving a voice to your team. Including comments, opinions and even perspectives of your current staff will help give potential candidates a better idea of why their specific interest or technological profile is required in the company – and above all else – why they will or will not be valued. 

4. Show your openness to future training

Technology is a constantly-changing scientific field. New developments and techniques arise on a daily basis and new knowledge is constantly being acquired, so it is crucial to be continuously learning and to develop a constant interest in the field. Show your openness to this possibility: establishing links with educational institutions, offering courses and encouraging your candidates to learn more will ensure that they always view you as someone who is technologically driven and focused.

5. Establish a presence in the local tech scene

An other great way to attract talented is to actively participate in your city’s thriving tech community. There are various workshops, events and hackathons in every bigger city, which often have a high concentration of tech talent. Consider partnerships and sponsorship opportunities regarding those events, in order to get more visibility in the local tech scene.

What do you think? Do any of these tips for making your workplace more attractive to the best technological talents ring any bells? It’s time to roll up your sleeves and adapt this focus to attract new technological talents to your company.

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This guest post has been contributed by Infojobs.

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