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SurveyMonkey acquires Amsterdam-based customer feedback startup Usabilla for €70 million

California-based SurveyMonkey, the site which allows anyone to create their own surveys, has announced that it is acquiring Amsterdam-based Usabilla, a provider of Voice of Customer (VoC) technology, which collects in-depth customer feedback, expectations, and preferences. The price tag is approximately €70 million, and the acquisition is expected to close in Q2 2019. The acquisition of Usabilla will help SurveyMonkey to enhance its customer feedback solutions and retain customers.

Founded in 2009, Usabilla works with over 450 enterprises in 35 countries, including global brands like Lufthansa, Philips, and Vodafone, to collect, analyse, and act on real-time user feedback to improve their products and customer experiences. The startup helps clients to capture visual feedback, and uses targeted surveys to increase conversion on the web, in apps, and by email, collecting both qualitative and quantiative data.

Usabilla’s outstanding user experience solution for capturing real-time digital feedback enhances our enterprise offerings and expands our international footprint,” said Zander Lurie, CEO of SurveyMonkey. “Every brand needs to offer a compelling digital experience to win and retain customers—Usabilla’s solution helps companies collect 100,000 feedback interactions daily so they can improve their digital experiences and drive growth. The acquisition of Usabilla strengthens our position in this rapidly growing multi-billion-dollar market. I’m thrilled to welcome the Usabilla team to SurveyMonkey for this exciting new chapter together.

SurveyMonkey data shows that 75% of users have left a website and 58% have abandoned an online purchase because of a bug or poor user experience. At the same time, website owners and developers lack visibility on the digital experiences they offer as only a small fraction of customers find a way to give feedback.

SurveyMonkey’s global reach in over 345,000 organizations, strong brand recognition and sales expertise will accelerate our growth in new markets and verticals,” said Marc van Agteren, CEO of Usabilla. “We share the mission to power the curious and a commitment to building SaaS offerings that help our clients improve their customer experiences.”

Usabilla’s platform makes it easy to collect the feedback that can transform digital experiences and accelerate sales. It will complement SurveyMonkey’s existing enterprise solutions to deliver the most comprehensive customer powered data portfolio. SurveyMonkey already offers SurveyMonkey CX, a turn-key NPS solution for businesses to collect, understand, and act on customer feedback, and TechValidate, which captures and transforms customer feedback into case studies, testimonials, reviews, and more. In line with SurveyMonkey’s open-platform strategy, Usabilla’s solutions easily integrate with leading SaaS platforms and other systems of record that SurveyMonkey customers already use, such as Jira and Slack.

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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