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Rollbar acquires Budapest-based Samebug to double down on debugging

Rollbar, California-based provider of real-time error monitoring SaaS platform, announced it has acquired Budapest-based Samebug, in a strategic move that further deepens its domain expertise in grouping and allows for integration of proprietary Samebug technology into its error monitoring solution. It will also allow Rollbar to quickly grow its engineering team and have greater access to European customers.

A study published in InfoQ shows that debugging takes up to 50% of the development cycle, and that it’s twice as hard as writing code in the first place. Rollbar enables developers and DevOps teams to monitor errors in real-time as new software is built and deployed, notify the right team of an error, and provide rich contextual data for debugging the error faster across the development lifecycle. With Rollbar, engineering teams can detect application errors and resolve them quickly – greatly reducing time and human resources spent on traditional debugging, which can better be used elsewhere.

Samebug was founded by CEO Renáta Tamási-Irsai (oh yes, a lady!, now becoming Country Manager for Hungary at Rollbar), along with CTO Árpád Tamási (now becoming Director Of Engineering at Rollbar) and lead developer Dániel Poroszkai (becoming the Lead Engineer at Rollbar).

“We are very excited to be part of the Rollbar family and ready to tackle the challenges associated with this fast-growing market,” said Renáta. “Our goal is to change how developers, in any industry, code and debug, providing solutions to software problems (crashes) automatically whenever it’s needed, in a form it’s needed.”

“This acquisition really helps Rollbar solidify its position as the leading player in its space,” said Salil Deshpande, Managing Director at Bain Capital Ventures, Palo Alto, which recently led a $6 million Series A funding round for Rollbar. “Real-time error monitoring solutions are quickly becoming an essential part of every development team’s ‘toolkit’ and the integration of Samebug technology and expertise make Rollbar the clear choice for engineering teams of any size.”

Rollbar provides automatic error detection and analysis centered around its proprietary, customisable grouping engine. Its solution also offers workflow control capabilities that allow users to track issues through to resolution and automatically detect regressions.

“Our grouping engine is what really sets us apart from the competition, and integrating Samebug’s technology further enhances this functionality,” said Brian Rue, CEO of Rollbar. “The Samebug team brings deep knowledge of the space to Rollbar and is already helping us deliver more value to customers.”

Here you can find the welcoming words from the founders of Rollbar, Brian Rue and Cory Virok.

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