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London-based adtech startup Adthena raises €12.4 million for its AI search intelligence platform

London-based martech startup Adthena is an AI-based search intelligence solution that processes over 10 terabytes of new data, and indexes 500 million advertisements and 200 million keywords in 15 different languages every day.

Adthena’s user-friendly interface segments data to provide key insights for advertisers. The startup works with more than 200 clients across 14 sectors, with customers including Autotrader, Air New Zealand, Atlassian, Citibank, Burberry, Toyota, and Volvo.

Founded in 2012, Adthena has raised €12.4 million in a Series A round of funding from Updata Partners. The investment will further accelerate Adthena’s rapid growth across the US and internationally, while strengthening the product development of its paid search AI platform, which is built around its patented ‘Whole Market View’.

“With more than 200 major brands as clients we’ve already proven the value of the search clarity that we bring to marketers.” said Ian O’Rourke, CEO at Adthena. “With Updata’s investment and experience, we aim to accelerate delivery of AI-driven capabilities customers have been asking for, while supporting an expanding client list in the US.”

According to Adobe, only 15% of companies are already using AI to drive their marketing initiatives but a further 31% are planning to implement in 2019. As the only AI-powered search platform in the world leveraging natural language processing, machine learning and thousands of deep learned categories, Adthena offers a powerful search marketing intelligence solution for companies.

“Adthena is at the heart of key performance decisions as a strategic partner of choice and driving results for some of the world’s largest enterprise organizations,” said Braden Snyder, Vice President at Updata Partners. “The progress they have made in the US over the last year shows Adthena’s ability to adapt to a new market and create opportunities, which we’re excited to be apart of this coming year.”

Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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