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German alarm and crisis management startup Serinus raises €1 million from Creathor Ventures

Serinus is a provider of alarm and crisis management solutions based in Hagen, Germany, In critical situations, Serinus’ software automatically alerts the responsible actors and initiates all necessary steps for crisis management. The startup has just raised €1 million from Creathor Ventures.

Serinus’ software combines an SaaS platform with integration into the customer’s system landscape. The solution thus offers the possibility of dynamically using cloud resources for alerting via voice call, SMS, mobile app, e-mail or fax and allows for the fast and easy connection of subsystems, ICT components, and IoT sensors to the platform via local gateways.

“In a crisis every minute counts,” said Benjamin Lieber, CEO of Serinus. “In addition, human errors are particularly frequent in crisis situations. Therefore, we have developed a solution that automatically informs all key players as soon as the first critical signs appear and is so simple and intuitive in its design that no time is lost in initiating the necessary steps to overcome the crisis.”

The range of applications includes alarm scenarios (e.g. stand-by alarms, emergency calls, fire and evacuation alarms or the convening of a crisis team), crisis management (e.g. product recalls, cyberattacks, disruptions of production processes or major damage situations) and human-machine interactions (e.g. monitoring of technical building infrastructure, production plants or ICT components). The solution can be used in data-center operations to companies in the manufacturing industry to public institutions and nursing homes.

One example of the use of the Serinus solution is the transmission of home emergency calls via app alerts to the smartphones of the nursing staff at Lebenshilfe Berlin. This improves the mobility of the specialists and reduces reaction times. Another example is the technical monitoring of a wind farm at a municipal energy supplier via public IoT networks. The rapid transmission of error messages can prevent downtime of the entire farm.

Serinus already counts several well-known customers, including Deutsche Telekom, EnBW, Siemens, Bechtle and the German Red Cross (DRK).

“The team has developed a software that sets new standards in the segment of alarm and crisis management, especially regarding ease-of-use and installation effort,” Christian Weniger, Partner at Creathor Ventures. “This was only possible given the many years of industry experience of the Serinus team.”

Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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